On Our Bella, Ourselves

@miwome I'm wary of this sort of stuff even with talented writers. Why rely on a cheap trick? Part of the joy of being a writer is trying to find the best mode of expression using language. But I hear you. I just think Meyer couldn't figure it out.
"The pain Bella feels is just TOO great to be found within language.... SIGH."

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

I cannot comment on how accurately Meyer depicts pregnancy in all its gruesome beauty. Beyond my ken.
But this author writes how much she admired Meyer's slipping in blank pages to represent Bella's wordless mourning over her loss of Edward. The point of being an author is to make some brave attempt to accurately describe one's internal barometer. I think she put those blank pages in there because she couldn't figure out how to write it. Anyone who has read these books can recognize that Meyer is no literary great shakes.
Overall, I'd rather have heroines like Buffy to aspire to not paralyzed, love-sick teenage mothers. Wrong direction for praise.

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