On Here's the First Trailer for The Giver

I think doing black and white and gradually adding color would make this way too similar to Pleasantville, stylistically. It was used to great effect there, but it was so integral to that movie, I don't think they wanted to invite comparisons. I never thought they would be able to properly film the color discovery aspect of the book, so I'm interested in seeing how they're approaching it.

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On The Pickup Artists of PUAHate

Maybe it was supposed to be PUAHats, not PUAHate.

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On Friday Open Thread

@cat o'clock MUSIC. You can keep running through the "grass is greener not running" mindset if you have the right music. Also, I find that running on trails is easier than treadmills or on tracks, but some people find otherwise - experiment! And sign up for a bunch of short races - the thrill of community spirit and motivation without a lot of commitment.

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To add a little bit more information, in Cook County, there is a separate division, and location, for the domestic violence courthouse, so it is in its own little world, so to speak. It's also fairly nice digs, and because it was built specifically for that purpose, they've made serious efforts to keep it as safe for the abused (such as the "victim room"). There is (or was, a few years ago) also a program which had volunteers sit in court to report on proceedings - i.e., were there translators there when they needed to be, did the judge explain the process adequately to the parties, etc. to ensure that the courts were doing what needed to be done. It's a step in the right direction, and I hope that it helps other people like the author find comfort and relief.

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On A Brief History of Polka Dots

I feel ready for Harvard Law now!

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

Does anyone else know where they drop out the "to be" section of sentences? As in, "that dish needs washed" instead of "that dish needs to be washed". I've only heard it since moving to Central Illinois, but it's got to be more widespread.

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On How Has Waka Flocka Flame Changed Your Life?

This and the face transplant story are exactly what I needed after this morning. I love the "nice stories" tag, hope it gets lots of use!

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On "Ouagadougou" Is the Hardest Word: A Day at the Spelling Bee

@Judith Slutler In light of his comment, I find the alt-text on his picture to be deeply ironic.

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On The BRCA Gene, Our Mother, And Our Insurance Plans: A Chat Between Sisters

@parallel-lines I sort of agree with you, but I also respect her because while she may have the means to take this step while others do not, her body is also comodified in a way that many others are not. I like her resolve to do what is best for her body and her life in the face of general clamor that she needs to look/behave a certain way. That, more than a medical directive, is what I got out of her piece.

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On Miss Manners Doesn’t Live Here

@emmycantbemeeko Yay, a fellow Nepal traveler! I went with two friends to India and Nepal, and even though I've traveled to places where I didn't resemble the locals, I've never experienced that before: people taking pictures, trying to touch my friend's afro, comments about how white (or not) we were. And these were fairly tourist-y areas. I can't imagine what it would be like in the sticks.

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