On Two Perfect Poems by a Third-Grader Named Darius

Any Awkward Black Girl fans here? Because I'm definitely just imagining a little third grade Darius whisper-reciting his poems to Jia's class, and it's too adorable.

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On What a Girl Wants, According to Gmail Ads

When I saw the bunny wearing sunglasses, I was hoping it would be offering me life advice. Based on its fashion choices alone, I am guessing that is one wise rabbit.

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On This Is a Goodbye Post


Holy shit goddamn.

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On Janelle Monáe Featuring Erykah Badu, "Q.U.E.E.N."

I have already spent nearly an hour of my life replaying this video. Janelle Monae is so goddamn talented, and Erykah Badu is her perfect collaborator. The visuals in this video are breathtaking.

And that rap at the end? ::swoon::

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On Bless Us, Every One


Yeah, but what did you start calling yourself after he left you for some floozy stewardess thirty-eight years later?

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On "I'm Not A Human, I'm A Sim"

@fondue with cheddar

That is, by far, the best pinup idea I have heard yet.

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On "I'm Not A Human, I'm A Sim"

@fondue with cheddar

It's official: you are my people.

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On Get It, Girl

"Even when gender roles change, sexism has a remarkable ability to adapt--and historical amnesia enables this ability...Yet even with all this switching-around, some things have stayed suspiciously the same. When women were sexual, their proper place was in the home as caregivers and mothers. When women became passionless, their proper place was still in the home as caregivers and mothers. Isn’t it funny how that works? Gender roles gain their power from the fact that they appear natural and eternal. By looking to the past, we can draw aside this veil and see these categories for what they are--made by people, and able to be changed by people."

Get it, girl, indeed. Great piece!

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On "Closer," Tegan and Sara

Ummm...have you guys seen this? Tegan and Sara interviewing Kate Moenning. It's devastatingly short, but I suppose that is necessary to prevent the lesbian universe from exploding in sexual frustration.

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On Friday Open Thread


FYI, if you two are not already friends on Facebook, he may not see your message. Facebook has the normal inbox and then a slightly-hidden folder marked "Other" where it lumps all messages from people you are not connected to on the site. Seriously, go check yours now. It's terrifying!

I discovered this because I messaged a guy I liked on Facebook last February, assumed he rejected me when he didn't respond, and then got a message from him in November (!!!) explaining that he just found it in his inbox. We are now dating. :)

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