On Beauty Q&A: Face Makeup and Simple Baubles

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher this is very late (I'm Australian) but I have an actual magic trick for cleaning silver jewellery!

1. get an aluminium bowl, or line a regular bowl with foil (non-shiny-side up). cover the whole base and sides of the bowl.

2. put silver jewellery in bowl. NB: nothing with stones etc. just plain silver jewellery (can also be cheapass plastic silver-plated jewellery)

3. sprinkle bicarbonate soda all over jewellery (not sure if Americans call it this. baking powder maybe?)

4. pour very very hot but not boiling water over the whole thing.

5. watch in wonder as your grime is literally fizzed off your jewellery. take it out once it's stopped fizzing and rinse in plain water and wipe off.

seriously! it's easy and quicker/more fun than polishing.

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On Finance 101: Credit Cards and the Holiday Nightmare

@Craftastrophies i'm reading this while straightening my hair, and 'shower caps for food' made me laugh so hard i burnt my shoulder.

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

@gimlet off-topic but yeah rory gilmore! flashback to me, age 15, reading Anna Karenina on a saturday night.

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On Teenagers Getting Chaster

@wharrgarbl hey, I'm not telling anybody anything. I just meant it seems positive that young adults are seemingly more informed these days about contraception and the choices they can make about sex.

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On Teenagers Getting Chaster

i created an account just to say: isn't this good news? people aged 15-19 don't necessarily need to be sexually active? am i alone out on this limb?

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