On Interview With a Male CEO of a Women's Magazine

Eudora why aren't you on SNL yet.

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On A Girl's Education in Little House in the Big Woods

"They braided their back hair in long braids and then they did the braids up carefully in big knots."


That is all.

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On Paula Abdul vs. MC Skat Kat: A Comparative Analysis of "Opposites Attract"

@hunterthefool No player hating here! This is the kind of heated academic controversy that will move the subfield of "Opposites Attract" comparative analysis to the very forefront of Paula Abdul Studies, where it undoubtedly belongs.

(That said, I hate you and stop sabotaging my career. When I see you at next month's Tiffany conference in Vancouver, be prepared to throw down.)

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On How to Become a Web Content Writer

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood Hey, it happened to Melis!

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On This Is a Goodbye Post

@cuminafterall I've been sayin it and sayin it: HIRE JIA!

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On Every Sperm Is More Sacred Than We Guessed

These are some confusing numbers, tho. 38% are rejected now, as opposed to 33% (1/3) prior to 2004, except that the way they USED to judge samples, 88% of samples would have been rejected? So it's gotten 50% worse? Or something? My head hurts.

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On Every Dating Problem, Solved: An Interview With Chiara Atik

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On Better Safer Sex

@Ellie Right! Same here. And I can't help but think that while some of that gender gap is physiological, a lot of it is also psychological. When sex feels a little different because of the addition of a condom (or a diaphragm or a sponge or whatever) as a woman, I'm not primed to think in terms of what I've lost ('Oh no! my pleasure has been stolen!) but in terms of what I've gained (safety, reassurance, peace of mind.) Sex where I'm not worried about getting pregnant is better sex. For men, I think there's this baseline assumption that unprotected sex is what sex "should be," and anything different from that is almost inevitably a falling-off, and indicates something that they've been denied.

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On Better Safer Sex

Yo, Atlantic and Bill Gates, I get where you're coming from, but...right now, there are a lot of condoms out there that can increase female pleasure. They're studded and ribbed and pre-lubricated and sometimes they even fucking vibrate, which is not necessarily ideal but has, I think, brought us to the point that condoms definitely don't "steal pleasure" from women. People might choose not to wear them because of ideas about intimacy or whatnot, but that's not a _technological_ issue.

Now, do these condoms rob MEN of their pleasure? Probably yes (although I know a number of men who say they don't mind). But to frame the issue as one of a simple technological failing without acknowledging that we're talking about men's pleasure seems to come from a really distorted and privileged place.

Like, at the moment, it seems like the usual trajectory in heterosexual relationships moves from condoms at the start (which diminish men's pleasure slightly) to hormonal birth control once they're established (which involves a pretty massive medical intervention into the woman's biology, often accompanied by weight gain, lack of sex drive, higher risk of strokes, etc.) So, idk, maybe a part of this conversation should involve changing men's ideas about what they need to sacrifice/trade off/get used to in exchange for safe sex? Better technology, sure, but maybe some cultural change, also?

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On On Subcultures

@uemmak I know, right? Maybe we can fuse our subcultures someday. :)

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