On The Pubic Issue, Non-Monosexuality 101, and The Cool Gay Auntie

I am fascinated by the idea of cakes representing sex. Cakes seem so wholesome and childish (i.e. children's bday parties), the whole thing is creeping me out now. And I mis-read "World War I-era posters" as "World War I posters" and that was a whole different puzzlement.

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On 7 Classic Film Heroines Who Suck at Personal Safety

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose AND DON'T GO IN THE BASEMENT.

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On Nook if You Book

If you like bookstores because you like browsing for all the weird books you didn't know existed, you can do that on your Nook. I spend hours browsing the bookstore every night. Oh, and read the reviews, there's some fantasy group that talks to each other in the reviews of random books, like, "Stellgarden is building a nest here, do you have any twigs?"

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On Humblebrags About My Dog

@laurel I think every dog should be trained with hand signals. Who wants to be yelling at the dog to sit when guests come over? And what if you have laryngitis?

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On The Unexpectedly Musical George Sanders

Wait, what? He married TWO Gabor sisters, wrote an autobiography entitled "Confessions of a Professional Cad," and ultimately committed suicide? You guys are making this up, right? We need a Scandals of Classic Hollywood!!!

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On Texts From Little Women

@Slapfight But we also add them in strange places, like randomly at the end of words ending in "a."

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On Close-Reading Your Boss' Brief Emails: A Guide for the Anxious

@KeLynn I don't know how old you all are, but I think of this as an old-school internet thing. Back in the days when the internet was restricted to universities, before AOL and the World Wide Web, everyone did this. We didn't have emoticons--and when they came along, they were sneered at as an "AOL thing"--so people would soften emails with ellipses. I have friends who still do this as a habit. I reluctantly adopted emoticons, although I still kinda hate them.

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On No Doubt Featuring Major Lazer and Busy Signal, "Push and Shove"

@SocialEyes For the lifting up part, try this: drape the roots of your bangs over your brush and pull them in the opposite direction to your intended swoop, while blowing the roots dry. Then curl the end back for the swoop. I put volumizing mousse in my hair, but it does have natural body and that might be a necessary prerequisite:(

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On No Doubt Featuring Major Lazer and Busy Signal, "Push and Shove"

@SocialEyes I do not know nearly as much as Jane, but I do have a perfectly executed swoop in my hair (it's the only thing my hair does well). Try rolling the end of your bangs back with a round brush while pulling them down on your forehead, if that makes sense. Maybe some volumizer would help on the flat and sad?

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