On Now, This is a Moment, of Some Kind, or Another

@wee_ramekin Oh my god, your comment just broke my heart all over again.

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On Farewell, Jane

Nooooo I knew it!

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On Welcome, xoVain

@KeLynn Agreed- Once I'm out of the shower and dressed, it takes me about 30 minutes for skincare (5 minutes), makeup (5-10 minutes), hair blow drying (10-15 minutes), and miscellaneous primping (0-10 minutes depending on how focused I am that morning).

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On Welcome, xoVain

Speaking of Janes and beauty, where is Jane Marie lately?

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On Friday Bargain Bin: The B Stands For...

@Jane Marie I want to hear why it's gross, please! I need more horror stories to scare me.

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On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill

@redheaded&crazie I haaaaaaate the number system. It is completely degrading and just not nice at all, and I don't understand how people get it in their heads that rating people's appearances by numbers is an OK thing to do. Also, WEIRD how 99% of the time, it's used on women (aka not weird at all).

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

@plonk Do you touch your eyes a lot?

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

@l'esprit de l'escalier I've used one of Josie Maran's that's all right. I think it would be considered all natural.

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

I love the Tarte one! It's not clumpy or flaky for me at all- maybe Jane got a lemon? But I also never ever curl my eyelashes and think I look like a scary doll when I do, so Jane and I may just have different eyelash styles.

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On Friday Open Thread

@dauphine I like the ice queen approach as well. Honestly, he's probably not that into you and is too much of a baby to say that directly. I don't know if I'd press it. And if he IS into you, he'll probably make a point of coming up to you and indicating that by talking to you and/or making future plans.

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