On Getting Guns

@laurel Yep, they make steel shot, which IIRC is typically promoted for wetland hunting (like ducks).

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On Lesser-Known Birthday Party Themes

@TheDangQuesadilluh Late to this, but yaaaaay, birthday twins. :D

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On Resident Evil: Sex

Oh man, Princess Leon. <3

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Girl What's Your Thing

@Mingus_Thurber oh god, nails, yes, this is a thing for me too. I get all cringe-y and nauseated and ugh. it's so grossss.

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On Tall Girls: A Story of Giants

@julia This, this so much. I've been somewhere in the range of 5'9"-10" since I was about 12, and it irritates me to no end when people are essentially like "Haha no way you're a giant."
I imagine part of the reason I hear this so much is because my male classmates are young. (Maybe? I want to believe it's because they're young.) Bah, high school(but yay senior year). Whatever, I rock being tallish.

On a side note, it makes me happy to see all the commenters of the hairpin chiming in on this, even though I'm late. But I'ma take my mushy feelings elsewhere. You're all awesome and I have no idea why it took me so long to de-lurk.

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On Happy Thanksgiving

@RK Fire Heeeeeeeee, something that is totally my area of expertise. Skyrim is AMAZING. On so many levels. Have you done any of the Thieves Guild Quests yet? Because they are most enjoyable. Aaaaagh I could talk about this game forever.

Also, I think loverlettersinhell means playing as a Khajiit. The kitteh race. As opposed to one of the more human (Nord, Redguard, etc) or elf races.

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On Sexual Harassment Gray Zones

I can't really articulate my response to this because raeg, but Amanda Marcotte's response is worth a read.

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On Gestation, and Then Some, Visualized

This is so incredibly terrifying. Especially the ethereal swimming out part.

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