On Star Trek Into Darkness: Waiting for Superman

@the rat lady I knooooowwww! Nicole is the actual best.

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@charmcity Talk about a two-way twista!

(I know there are more words, but that's all I got.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin Eleanor & Park was mentioned upthread and I adored it. Lately I've been into nonfiction; I read The Violinist's Thumb the other week and I just picked up Gulp (<3 Mary Roach). Oh, and I'm kind of behind the times on this one, but Saga by Brian K. Vaughan blew my mind earlier this week and I still haven't recovered. And I just started reading To Say Nothing of the Dog, which I can't really comment on since I'm only a chapter in, but I like it so far.

And your comment just reminded me that I got the Leviathan trilogy for Christmas and haven't read them yet.

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On Friday Open Thread

@tambourine I am also usually a no plans on Friday person. Now that I have a job, by the time Friday rolls around I just wanna put on sweatpants and fall asleep in front of the TV by 11.

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On Friday Open Thread

@rallisaurus I LOVED Eleanor & Park! It was amazing. It's only been a couple of weeks since I read it but I'm seriously considering rereading it already. I heard she was considering writing a sequel and I really hope she does.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Sea Ermine I am hypothyroid! It runs in my family and does not seem to be a side effect of anything, just a lazy thyroid, so I can't speak to nodules or anything, but the meds make me feel SO MUCH BETTER. For me the slip from normal to low happened slowly enough that it took me a while to realize that I shouldn't be so rundown all the time, but then once I started taking the pills a couple of months ago I started feeling normal (i.e. able to sit through a two-hour meeting at 1 pm without fantasizing about getting back into bed--now I fantasize about going out and taking a walk or otherwise doing stuff!). My doctor told me to take them on an empty stomach and then wait a couple of hours before eating, which is frankly insane, so what I do is take it and then eat breakfast fairly shortly after, I just try to keep the amount of time between pill and food basically the same every day, and then they can vary the dosage to work with that.

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On New Old Wives' Tales

@Megasus Last year I went to Germany to visit my boyfriend and on the plane TVs they had a couple HIMYM episodes and I watched one because it was a long flight. The one I watched turned out to be about Ted's girlfriend going to Germany and them breaking up. After I returned from Germany, fresh from breaking up, I watched the entire series to see if it had the same sort of predictive power. It did not, and of my 2012 depressive sitcom marathons it was the least good (the others were Community and Parks and Rec) but I did not go blind, so that's something.

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On Imagining What You Think Is the Unimaginable

@iceberg Count me in on thinking that's weird. I've seen pictures on facebook of people wearing matching t-shirts with airbrushed gravestones, initials, and death dates and that also seems like an odd way to mourn. Same for truck window decals. I'm fine with memorial tattoos, so it kind of seems like a double standard especially since tattoos are more permanent, but maybe it's because the other ones aren't permanent and usually not ways of expressing any feeling more important than "I like this sports team".

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

@par_parenthese ME TOO. She seems incredibly delightful.

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On Baby Steps (and Shots)

@OhMyGoshYouGuys Whoa, I didn't realize they were related. This is the opposite of the time I found out that Katharine and Audrey Hepburn weren't related, but just as shocking. Anyway, I bet Sookie vaccinated her kids.

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