On 'Pinners Unite for Good!

Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis! Collectively-run, nonprofit, all-volunteer independent bookstore. I'm a volunteer and we have a Kickstarter campaign going on right now to expand our kids' section and improve our meeting room.

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On Sixth Senses, Approachability, and the Penniless Nomad Actors

@tessamae I used to have a thing about dating guys shorter than me but I apparently got over it; I'm 5'10" and 10 years ago I up and married a guy who's 5'4". We look kind of silly together, and sometimes I avoid heels because I don't want to make it worse--but that's totally my own thing because he'd love it if I'd wear heels more often.

I used to have the same problems as LW2 though - I never got the dudely attention and would get super sad about it. I feel like body language might go a long way toward making someone seem approachable or not. As a tall and gangly person I often find myself slouching or crossing my arms, which may not be the most inviting mode. It's especially bad if I'm feeling like a giant next to one of my friends (or my husband's sisters - seriously there's 3 of them and I can hold them all in my arms at the same time).

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On Where Did You Learn to Talk Like That?

@Katie Scarlett I am also from the IL-WI border. (Harvard? Anyone?) I grew up saying "bayag" and "baygel" and "claahset".

Now I live in Minnesota and talk like a Minne-soh-tan despite my best efforts.

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On The Best Time I Met My Birthmother

My dad was adopted in 1950 by his bio-mom's brother. He has known since he was 12 that she's his biological mother but she never wanted to talk about it. Just recently she gave my dad some details that would allow us to track his bio-dad down. My dad doesn't want to get into contact with him but he's OK with us kids trying to find him. The guy would be 80 now if he's still alive. I was thinking about what could happen if we contact him...maybe he never knew she had a baby, or maybe he knew and kept it secret and his family would be horrified. I dunno, I'm interested in contacting him but I don't want to cause too much trouble to an 80-year-old man.

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