By realtalk on Friday Open Thread

@quickdrawkiddo yayayayay. old friends/occasional lovers are nice for sure. and yeah, flakes are the worst, tonight's date/booty-call just backed out on me. but whateverrrrr i'm going to go to yoga and drink a bottle of wine with a friend and watch the olympics, so.

@marzipan NEVER TOO LATE TO START!! Yeah, my time management is ... hilarious. last sunday I may have dropped my booty call off at the BART station on my way to meet another guy for coffee? and all that may have been 15 min post-coital?? I'm the classiest lady, you guys.

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By lyzl@twitter on In the Walls

@mirror_father_mirror This whole thread is something very classy. But seriously, I love how this turned into talk of changelings. I love The Hairpin commenters with all my heart and every mummified baby in my walls.

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By MoxyCrimeFighter on [Maybe] Good Books That Defined You

@martinipie I still think Howl is MAGNIFICENTLY sexy.

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By Toby Jug on "The Criminalization of Bad Mothers"

Some say the world will end in fire, I say Margaret Atwood?

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By remargaret on Friday Open Thread

I've been staying with extended family in the DC area since I moved up here a month ago, and I finally found an apaaaartmeeeent.
I was pretty open to any possibilities: single-lady apartment (please oh please), room with another person, or a group house. The only real response I got was for a single-lady basement apartment in one of the neighborhoods I thought was the cutest. I move in next Sunday!

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By Elvis Costello's Spectacles on Friday Open Thread

I got a formal job offer this week! Hooray for quashing all my fears of impending misery/joblessness/living in my boyfriend's wardrobe.

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By Daisy Razor on Nos. 25 and 26: Dubious

@MerelyGoodExpectations I actually find sex way better in my 30s, but that doesn't sell magazines now, does it?

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By Slutface on Old* People Obsessed With Talking Out Loud

I'm grateful for the internet. The less I have to talk to people the better.

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By can't get there from here on Their Mouths Were Throwing Up on Their Party Clothes

@jen325 Yeah that made me pretty pissed. That and the reference to "hipster homemakers" makes it sound like Jolie is doting on a bunch of over-grown children which.....not at all accurate, you jerks? We are trying to be cleaner(/better?) people. Don't judge!

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By redheaded&crazy on Their Mouths Were Throwing Up on Their Party Clothes

"“Bleachie,” Ms. Kerr’s term for her favorite cleaning solvent, is a recurring character to whom the author and readers express their “<3”"

the phrasing of this cracked me up

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