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I'm a CS undergrad. I like books and computers.

On Friday Open Thread

As promised above, a couple of stories about my dad, the doctor.

Our golden retriever had surgery--at the vet's office--to correct entropion, which is when the eyelid curls in so the eyelashes are in constant contact with the surface of the eye. Ouch. During the recovery process, some of the stitches came out too early. So we had the dog lay down, my sister held a flashlight, and I literally spooned the dog to hold him still, while my dad injected a little local anesthetic and put in a few more stitches.

One-sided phone conversation from a weekend on call:
No, I can't tell you how to stitch yourself up over the phone. ... Yes, scalp wounds do bleed a lot.

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On Friday Open Thread

@celeec4@twitter Having a doctor in the house does generate some interesting stories. I don't want to hijack the thread here, but scroll down and I'll post a favorite or two.

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On Friday Open Thread

@celeec4@twitter I can absolutely roll with it! Nothing wrong with a little drama. Thanks! :D

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On Friday Open Thread

I have a question about how to be a girl who wears makeup like she knows what she’s doing.

I’m fairly pale-skinned. Not quite fluorescent-under-black-lights, but you can see little blue veins all over my skin. Can I still wear plum-colored lipstick and not look weird? I like how I look in brighter reds and pinks, and I’ve decided to embrace being that girl in the vivid lipstick, so high-contrast isn’t the problem.

This plum color is a dark reddish-purple (one of the Burt’s Bees lip shimmers in, funnily enough, “plum”), and I think it falls on the cool side of the color wheel. I feel like it makes my face look a little cold, like a supervillainness. Which is exactly what I want some days, honestly.

So am I fooling myself into thinking I look good, or do I actually look good?

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On Friday Open Thread

@SmartCookie I have. It wasn't bad at all, and I am a giant weenie. The following is an absolutely true story from the middle of my college years.

My dad is a doctor, a general practitioner with a side of basic dermatology. Treating acne, removing moles, that sort of thing. He noticed that I had an irregularly shaped mole on my temple, so he brought home a cobbled-together surgical kit (did you know that sterile packs of fairly inert things like needles have expiration dates?), and I lay down on the kitchen table and he removed the mole.

It took less than five minutes. The only part that hurt was the lidocaine inject. That stuff stings, but it's over after a second. The stitches were removed after about a week (if I remember correctly, my mom did this with a pair of tiny sewing scissors), and today you can't even see the scar.

I'm sure your experience will be a lot more "doctor's office" and a lot less "kitchen table," but there you go.

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On The Sumangali Girls in India Who Spin the Yarn for Our Cheap-Ass Sweaters

@irieagogo Ugh, I know. Why is the world so awful? And why are the people who actually control the awfulness so awful themselves?

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On Pretty Women on Bikes

@wallsdonotfall Ugh that's awful. I'm so sorry! :(

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

@Judith Slutler I'm getting more enthusiastic about this. But I know absolutely nothing about getting writing published. Ranting on my own blog I could handle, probably, but I also know nothing about starting a blog.

Aaugh, I need help and/or advice.

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

@SarcasticFringehead I know, right? I love science fiction so much, but hot damn if it doesn't fill me with a stabby rage.

I just realized that I typed "to" instead of "too" in my original comment. Too angry to use proper English, evidently.

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On Nice to Meet You, Internet

I like programming, lipstick, penguins, Golden Age science fiction, seething with rage over how hella sexist Golden Age science fiction is, doing math, making delicious food, eating delicious food I just made, and instrumental rock. Also cats.

I have a half-baked ambition of starting a blog where I go through Robert A. Heinlein's works and look at how he treats female characters. And I could post delicious recipes when I'm just to angry to think about Heinlein.

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