On Twenty Years of High-Schoolers' Sex Lives

Yes, I'm not quite sure why drinking energy drinks is an act of rebellion... Does energy "push the envelope"?

I hate the phrase "push the envelope". And Ann Shoket.

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On Ask a Married Dude: Bob and Eli

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher John Krasinski as Bob!! Has anyone seen "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men"? Am I the only one who hates John Krasinski since seeing it?

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On Notes on a Wonderful Genre: Rewatching the First Season of Downton Abbey

@hannahdoll001 Agreed! What about when Mary told the driver that her father would "hit the roof"? I thought that phrase seemed out of place...

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On The Flapper Beauty Tutorial

@Elaine Tary@facebook Hurray!! Finally, the internet has invented a place to meet charming and sexy girls and handsome men! I can't wait to start my free scamming!

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On Another Trend-Death Wishlist

I think the writer of that list doesn't "get" a lot of things. The Native American Tribal Dress, yes (I've never seen that as a thing, but I live in the midwest so...), but triangles, suspenders, bows and flip-flops? They're all cool. I can even get behind Uggs for the warmth/comfort. Also, in the newsboy hat picture, where the "illustration is enough"....a hot dude in a hat next to a picture of the Newsies cast spells AWESOME to me. (But I'm still from the Midwest...)

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On Another Trend-Death Wishlist

@Alice Prin nope, disagree about the high-waisted pants. (Although that picture of J.Simp you posted is heinous and I can see how it would put you off.) But I love them to go over my lower belly, as anyone older than 15 or larger than a twig may not be able to pull off the low rise thing without a little muffin top. I do high-waisted skirts more actually, love to define a waist.

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On The Perfect Cover Letter

Damn, I thought this was a legit Hairpin job opening and got really excited...

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On Hate Actually

@redheadedandcrazy I KNOW!!! I always feel so guilty when I watch terrible movies with my friends. They aren't critical feminists, so when I just talk over every movie, I just sound like a b-word!

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On Hate Actually

I didn't read all these comments because I was too disappointed to see that no one shares my opinion on the Kiera Knightley three-way. I am of the opinion that there is NOTHING redeeming about it. My reasons are as follows:

1) Personally, I dislike KK so the idea that two men are in love with her is...puzzling. I mean, I get it, she's pretty, but pretty lame. And a terrible actress. Who tried to ruin Elizabeth Bennet for me. (Although to be fair, a two-hour format ruined the story the most. P&P involves waaay too much character development to not make Lizzie look crazy in two hours.)
2) The first time I saw this was with my ex-bf (mostly a douche). While I was/am of the opinion that Mark should have gotten over his "love" (which was really just an infatuation, because can love really exist without reciprocation? Not for long, I think), my ex thought that he had to unburden himself and tell her. But I think that by doing that, he put the burden on her because what can she do about it now?
3) She shouldn't have kissed him!! She's a newlywed! Even if it was a pity-kiss.
4) After she kisses him, he says something like "Enough for now" as if he's going to make a play for her at a later date.
5) Why is Mark's love portrayed as preferable to KK's husband? Just because it's forbidden? No. Hate.
6) What the hell kind of videographer makes a video blue? Is that even possible nowadays? Does this wedding take place in the past?
7) Even if he does have a crush on the bride, isn't that video voyeuristic? Bordering on the creepy?

Also hate the Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman/gross bitch story. Although that one is realistic and well developed. Actually I just hate that other lady. Why is she so gross?? Like that scene where she spreads her legs AT THE OFFICE? Doesn't she know her boss is Severus Snape??

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On The Photoshop Detector

Watch George Clooney's ear lobes shrink and elongate....shrink and elongate. It's just like that Cabbage Patch doll I used to have, where you "cut" her braids with fake scissors and then you can pull them long again.

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