On FOUND: The Best Sheets

@likethestore I see! I'm a fan of whatever they use at nice hotels, so I guess I like crisp. With my menagerie, I could never pull off that whole dreamy all-white bedding thing though.

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On FOUND: The Best Sheets

@likethestore Wait, what's bad about percale? I need to know more about sheets, legitimately. (Although I'm still probably just going to buy what's on sale at Kohl's, someday I'll spurge on really good sheets...)

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On Sestina About Hangovers For a 25-Year-Old From a Person Over 40

Haha! I liked this - I didn't read condescension, I read bitterness from the throes of a current hangover.... I hate the world too, the day after a bender.

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On Happy Heidi-Ween

What a goofball - it's cute how INTO Halloween she is! Her costumes get crazier every year.

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On Is Snooze the Enemy?

@SarcasticFringehead YES this happens to me all the time lately!

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On Is Snooze the Enemy?

@avidbiologist Hah - I definitely pick out clothes the night before in order to snooze more. But although I technically should be to work by 8:30am, nobody's checking up on me and I'm on a salary, so there's less pressure to be on time... I want to be a reliable worker who's at my desk on time every day though!

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On Is Snooze the Enemy?

Ughhhh how do you give up Snooze? I've tried, I really have. I'm at least down to 2 now.

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On The Secret Diary of David Duchovny


This whole thing was the best.

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

Is anyone else reminded of the Terry character from Herland??

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On I'll Have What Lolo Jones Is Having

@OhMarie Yes! My friend from South Africa jokes about wanting to represent them in a winter sport, because if you can meet the basic qualifications and have the sponsors/$, you're in! (As long as nobody better beats you out for a position)

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