By BattyRabbit on In Praise of Tori Amos

There's a Buzzfeed quiz for 'Which Tori Song Are You' linked to her on her page and there is no one who can stop me from taking it 3 billions times until I get the song I want.

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By Oenone on In Praise of Tori Amos

@Lady Humungus Agreed! Step the hell off my jam, NPR writer.

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By SarahP on In Praise of Tori Amos

Nailed it with how it feels to admit to liking Tori Amos. (I DO LIKE BOTH, OK?)

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By cocokins on We Hacked Anthropologie

I love this, and I love them. And THANK YOU for mentioning how obnoxious the term "hack" is. Gah. I hate it.

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By isabelle bleu on How to Dress for Things You Hate

@Meow I have worked in service my whole adult life (and for some years before becoming an adult too); I can affirm that there are some restaurant jobs that are awesome and some that you take out of desperation. I can further affirm that awesome jewelry can help you maintain your sense of dignity while customers yell at you & your inability to make what they want magically appear on the menu, while your boss steals your tips, while you work an unpaid extra hour because the last table out just wouldn't leave.

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By O on My Special Friend

Damn, I need a smartphone. Glad to see you around these parts a little more often lately, Edith.

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By adorable-eggplant on My Special Friend

@noReally Put a ring-tone on it.

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By orchidaceous on A Bold Notion for Baby Showers

So is it just announcing the name change without admitting to being a tool of the patriarchy that is depressing? Not to get all serious, and this may apply to no one else, and that's fine, but in our little interracial family, it feels great that we all have the same name, and that we can grumble together when it gets mispronounced. For me, this feels like the opposite of an effacement of my identity.

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By mlle.gateau on Internet Work and Invisible Labor: Suri's Burn Book and the Celebrity Offspring Economy

First of all, thank you AHP for this fantastic series--I'm really enjoying following it.

Second, Allie, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I really hope that when Suri is grown she looks back at your tumblr and is delighted to have such a hilarious and on point alter ego.

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By likethestore on FOUND: The Best Sheets

@Lady Humungus percale isn't bad, it's just known for being really crisp. I prefer super smooth and soft.

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