By Emily Wernsdorfer@facebook on Famous People It Took Me Way Too Long To Realize Are Not the Same Person

Jeff Bridges/Jeff Daniels.

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By and it's not even my birthday on Fathers Head To The Kitchen

Wait wait wait. Cooking dinner is basically like pulling a WHOLE OTHER SHIFT of work after the shift of work work you just finished. This defies possibility. Men continue to amaze.

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By Lady Humungus on Fathers Head To The Kitchen

I can't believe it! I thought only women were capable of using a stove, kind of like how only virgins can touch unicorns. Imagine my surprise when discovering that men can, and do, prepare food for themselves and their families! What an interesting new trend!

Why do I keep clicking on these lifestyle articles from NYT. Why.

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By bluewindgirl on Ask Baba Yaga: How Do I Rekindle My Belief In Men?

Wait, so, men are going to find me in my nest? (Like the FedEx guy? What's the plan here?) And only if I turn my beak to berry collecting, even though berries are no food for a hawk? Tell some male hawks to start flying higher, man.

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By Alexis La Porte@facebook on A Really Bad Month

@Susanna Agreed about that friend, certainly doesn't sound like one worth having.

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By Susanna on A Really Bad Month

I think the friend who needed to go to the Apple Store should take as long a hike as your ex.
Brava, though, for this. It gets under the skin.

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By erin uh oh on A Really Bad Month

This is so beautifully illustrated. And it's a heartbreaking story how many people failed you, right in a row. You told it so simply and gracefully. I'm glad you don't feel underwater anymore, and glad you made this art to tell your story.

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By Anne on Bloodfeast: Scary White People Tacos

Every time we have tacos at the folks house, my dad tries to tell us how much easier everything would be if we had a lazy susan. #whitepeopletacos

My boyfriends likes to put salsa and melted velveeta into a bag of doritos. #whitepeopletacos

I ordered veggie fajita tacos in Iowa once. The veggies were the freezer bag vegetable medley--peas, carrots, corn. #whitepeopletacos

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By whizz_dumb on Bloodfeast: The "Ragwood" Sandwich

I am a measly male with a comparatively minuscule hormone cycle, so I realize my opinion is disregarded immediately, BUT, I agree with all your ingredients with one vehement exemption: GREEN BELL PEPPERS!?? You've ruined what could've been the perfect sandwich with those vile tasting peppers in a world full of delicious peppers. Pick any other color of the rainbow besides green. I'm done now.

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By BattyRabbit on In Praise of Tori Amos

There's a Buzzfeed quiz for 'Which Tori Song Are You' linked to her on her page and there is no one who can stop me from taking it 3 billions times until I get the song I want.

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