Tei Shi, "Verde"


"Cheap Sunglasses, Expensive Lingerie"

I don't believe in "rules," because like, what am I, your mom? We're all Grown Woman™! We can do whatever we want! I have a particular distaste for fashion rules (don't mix patterns, don't wear white after Labor Day, don't don't don't), because they only exist to force people into these totally arbitrary categories of completely meaningless concepts like "taste" and "class" and "beauty," all of which are based in subjective and constantly shifting priorities that have more to do with enforcing a status quo than actually encouraging people to look and dress in a way that feels best for them. Oof. I just tried reading that sentence out loud and ran out of breath. But you know what I mean. READ MORE

A Loss For Words

There are approximately seven billion inhabitants of earth. They conduct their lives in one or several of about seven thousand languages—multilingualism is a global norm. Linguists acknowledge that the data are inexact, but by the end of this century perhaps as many as fifty per cent of the world’s languages will, at best, exist only in archives and on recordings. According to the calculations of the Catalogue of Endangered Languages (ELCat)—a joint effort of linguists at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and at the University of Eastern Michigan—nearly thirty language families have disappeared since 1960. If the historical rate of loss is averaged, a language dies about every four months. READ MORE

The Word I Hate This Week

Do you know what is the most garbage word in the English language? Harmless. READ MORE

An interview with Dayna Tortorici, the self-professed "angriest woman of them all," is exactly what we need today. Listen to this, good night, see you back here tomorrow.

Beverages I Have Loved

The best blogger is a well-hydrated blogger. READ MORE

Only eighteen?!?!!?

Teenage Bedrooms on Screen

Thank you, Tracy, for sending me this Tumblr scrapbook of teenager's bedrooms in movies. As someone who still has posters taped to her wall (with really nice washi tape, but: still) and who still enjoys a good slammed-door "ugh get out of my room you don't understand me I told you to knock before you come in here!!" end to an argument, these images really speak to me.

"Sound The Sexy Alarms"

MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE *airhorn* *but a sexy airhorn* READ MORE


Yesterday Durga emailed Jazmine and I to remind us that it was the one-year anniversary of this piece I wrote; if she hadn't, I definitely would have not remembered, and even if I had, my own conservative estimate would have been that I wrote that approximately ten years ago, because it just feels like so much time has elapsed. I kind-of-but-also-so-seriously joked about doing a "Where Are They Now" follow-up to the piece, like, "Anna Wintour: still a troll. Kanye West: dancing like a dad. Kim Kardashian: perfection achieved" but THEN READ MORE