By TheGenYgirl on "Has Your Husband Read It?"

'"Sad Girls 'R Us" is a crass but accurate title for my personal library.'


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By twirl2 on Disrupters, Disconnectionists, and Dicks

"What I’m waiting for is a writer who understands the complexities and nuances of trying to be a person both on and in spite of the internet; for the kind of writing that gives its readers the expansive, resonant relief of understanding and being understood, of being chastised, forgiven, and encouraged to do better all at once." Hey... Emma? Emma, I think you are that writer. Or at least, for me you are. Please write more. Thank you.

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By moldy goldie on

** Holiday in Sun is a fucking classic.

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By Haley Mlotek on The YOLO Champion of the World

Questioning YOLO is like the antithesis of everything YOLO stands for.

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By Esther C. Werdiger on Things I Cannot Do With 3D Nails

*that thing where you tap the side of your nose to imply understanding*

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By atipofthehat on Things I Cannot Do With 3D Nails

Wow, you need a ungular version of a "shabbas goy."

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By HereKitty on Friday Bargain Bin: Intern Edition

@wee_ramekin Not Jane -- intern Haley, rockin' the alt text. Go, Haley!

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By cosmia on Friday Bargain Bin: Intern Edition

Ahh I am an intern doing intern-y things right now! I want that leopard-print cardigan but realized it is still slightly out of my intern allowance.

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By travelmugs on The League of Ordinary Ladies: Summertime

Esther, you cannot do that. You cannot say you solved chafing and not tell us how.

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By leastimportantperson on The Hairpin's Spring Reading List

I sort of expected No More Nice Girls to read as sort of a relic? It does not. Be prepared though, because you will be dying to read almost every sentence aloud to someone and that gets annoying even if Ellen Willis is right about everything (except Freud).

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