By Jazmine Hughes on Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@AmandaElsewhere @moe-zee Hi friend-os! Here I am, weighing in (and I wanted to think carefully, hence a delay). I think you can all surmise my stance on the Hairpin/Toast similarities here, but if not, several people have already said it throughout.

The Hairpin is a great place, you know? It's freeing and weird and genuine and smart and such a dream to work on. But the Hairpin, now, is different from when it started, because the people running it are different -- that's just the way it goes. Same foundation, different house, slightly different curtains. A lot of things have changed around these parts, especially for the better -- the Awl has real offices, there's a Canadian on staff, we are paying every single writer and illustrator -- and things will continue to do so, so strap in for the ride.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, which you are 100% free to do forever and ever, and you know where to find Haley and I privately, if you ever to want to talk over email.

Also fuck those fucking spambots forever.

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By Lili L. on Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@AmandaElsewhere Hi! Lili here! This has been a series at The Hairpin since 2011. :)


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By LexLouise on Themes I Have Considered For My December Wedding, Based on Some Recent Viewings/Experiences

You're worse than Hitler

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By anupa on Selfies Explained

Just here to share that my very offline BFF calls selfies "self-po's" (short for 'self-portrait,' if you didn't get it). Today she used 'selfie' for the first time and I glowed like a proud mama.

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By and it's not even my birthday on Selfies Explained

Who will seflie the selfies?

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By TheGenYgirl on "Has Your Husband Read It?"

'"Sad Girls 'R Us" is a crass but accurate title for my personal library.'


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By twirl2 on Disrupters, Disconnectionists, and Dicks

"What I’m waiting for is a writer who understands the complexities and nuances of trying to be a person both on and in spite of the internet; for the kind of writing that gives its readers the expansive, resonant relief of understanding and being understood, of being chastised, forgiven, and encouraged to do better all at once." Hey... Emma? Emma, I think you are that writer. Or at least, for me you are. Please write more. Thank you.

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By moldy goldie on

** Holiday in Sun is a fucking classic.

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By Haley Mlotek on The YOLO Champion of the World

Questioning YOLO is like the antithesis of everything YOLO stands for.

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By Esther C. Werdiger on Things I Cannot Do With 3D Nails

*that thing where you tap the side of your nose to imply understanding*

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