Lupita Nyong'o's Oscar Dress Stolen, Jazmine Hughes Wanted for Further Questioning

Um this is probably unrelated but Jazmine has been lounging in a $150,000 pearl-encrusted Calvin Klein gown all week. Is Jazmine a professional couture thief masquerading as a blogger/Twitter bully?!? Oh my god, this explains so much. Wait she's right behind me ok everyone be cool.

Kanye West, "All Day"

Vicious, indeed.

The Neverending Game of Gucci Musical Chairs

If the dual firings of Mr. di Marco and Ms. Giannini came as a surprise, that was nothing compared with the reaction to the person whom Kering, Gucci’s parent company, soon chose to install in Ms. Giannini’s place: Alessandro Michele. READ MORE

Kim Kardashian, Into The Gloss

I don't know what I've done to deserve this precious gift but I will accept it with humility and grace.

Almost definitely Drake.

Bassically (HONNE Remix)

This is old in Internet time—like a week, gross, I know—but fuck it I was away and this is one of my favorite songs and the remix is great and also wasn't today just so long and aren't we so glad it's over?!?! Happy Monday etc.

"You Think Writing is a Dream Job? It's More Like a Horror Film."

A YouGov poll that has just been released rates being an author the most desirable job in Britain – with 60% of people saying they’d like to do it for a living. This is a 24% higher than those who want to be a TV presenter and a remarkable 29% higher than those who want to be a movie star. READ MORE

A Partial List of Emotions I Experienced When I Realized I Would Not Have Internet Access For a Full Week


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Last night I went to go see a PLAY because I am VERY CULTURED. I know, I know, line up for my autograph here. But I had to tell you because this play was so good!! It's called "All Our Happy Days Are Stupid" and the only thing I knew beforehand was that it was the play Sheila Heti references in How Should A Person Be?, a play she received a grant to write but can't seem to finish; she considers it to be "embarrassing" and "impossible." The actual, real-life production AOHDAS was neither of those things. It's unbelievably funny and sweet and the acting—all the acting, but in particular the performance by Hairpin contributor Naomi Skwarna—was so incredible. There's this one scene with an old man and his parrot that made me laugh so hard I eventually became self-conscious and tried to muffle my laugh with my scarf, but then after the show I bumped into someone who was sitting far away from me and she was like "yeah I could totally hear you laughing." So, I mean, just embrace your loud distinctive laughs, I guess that's the lesson here? But also go to plays, because plays seem cool, and if you live in Toronto or New York you should start with this play, because you'll love it.