Torres, "New Skin"

"Lay off me, would ya? I'm just trying to take this new skin for a spin." READ MORE

"Cream To Cream, Powder To Powder"

As always, I want to talk about some hard and fast makeup rules that are complete bullshit. No blue eyeshadow is one, no red lipstick on redheads another. Like, it's paint on skin; everyone can chill on the prescriptive shit. Do you like the way it looks on you? Great!! Wear it!! Bye!!!! READ MORE

"Other Lessons Learned"

Sia, "Fire Meet Gasoline"

It's a metaphor.

"House Half Full?"

Is the House half Full, or is it a House half Empty? Some surprisingly philosophical questions about the Full House spinoff.

"Your Fave Is Problematic, And That's Okay For You, But They Still Need To Apologize"

We tend to hold the people of whom we are fans to the same moral standards we hold friends, often expecting them to echo our politics or sensibilities in the same way that their art, whatever it may be, speaks to us. By definition, fame requires those on the outside looking in to rely on imagination to prop up celebrity narratives; the public's glimpses into the lives and personalities of the famous are so mediated that though we think we know, we have no idea. Fame encourages us to fill in the blank spaces around these people with what we want to see, with what reaffirms our pre-existing assumptions. It's no surprise, then, that when it comes to art we like, and to the artists who make it, we expect to see reflections of ourselves in them, even on the simplest of levels. READ MORE

Waka Flocka Flame, "Hard in Da Paint"

Well now I'm looking forward to living in America during an election year.

...in their love for guns and pizza, Canadians seem to be more stereotypically American in their emoji usage than Americans are.

Poop, pizza; seems about right.

Jazz Cartier, "Wake Me Up When It's Over"

This is my favorite song from "Marauding in Paradise;" in my biased opinion, it seems like there are lots of good things coming from Toronto these days.

"I'll play you." "For what?" "For your heart."

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of Love & Basketball, which I re-watched this weekend and am pleased to report still holds up, would highly recommend you do the same and then come back so we can talk about our feelings, I'll be here all day.