On Where (My) Girls At?

thank you

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On Learning to Love Ben, Part Two

i noticed that clock also and then couldn't concentrate on anything else. these ladies are sitting around force fed champagne for 12 hours until they can go stand outside in what looks to be kinda cold weather and wobble on their heels over ROCKS to get their rose. or not.

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On Lana Del Ray's "Born to Die" Video

get over her lips already. jeez.

@emmapeterson@twitter if "daddy is obviously footing the bill on her tigers and pyrotechnics music video" were actually true, she would have had a dope expensive video before she got any attention.

this song is super boring, but i still love her and i hear she is amazing live.

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On The Hood Internet, The Hood Internet

i was JUST thinking about that site yesterday! but i didn't check it. now i will. thanks.

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On A Forever Baby

he's always sleeping

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On Dating Ethics, Drink-Legs, and Smell Interference

lady #2 - is he on any type of medication? that's usually the cause of weird body smells that aren't BO-ish. or does he take any specific vitamins or other supplements?

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On I'm Changing My Name, Again

this deserves an olive garden celebration.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Elizabeth Taylor, Black Widow

i am enjoying this so much.

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On Do You Know About Butter Tarts?

it's also called a chess pie

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On The Best Comment on the Paris Review Piece About How Existentially Destructive Harvard Is.

@Nicole Cliffe wait! i did see that movie. ok i guess i get it.

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