On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Five

@Jenn@twitter Guinness is for amateurs. I'll have an Old Rasputin, please.

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On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Five

@Jenn@twitter Or one says: "I had a hefenwiser that was good once. I think it was called 'Blue Moon'." And then someone else says: "Ugh, dark beers are so strong!" So then you try to explain that a Guinness has fewer calories and lower ABV than a typical American light lager and they all stare...

Not that I've ever had that conversation or anything...

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On How Not to Order a Drink, Part Five

Friend 4: Do you have a beer list?
Friends 1,2,3: Eeew! You drink beer?

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On How College Girls Talk

I wonder if women consciously/sub-consciously do this because they've had it beat into their brains that high-pitched, whiney voices are unattractive? So they try to lower the pitch and it ends up creaky, perhaps?

So we can't win.

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On How College Girls Talk


If you're the NPR demographic, you've heard it. It's everywhere on NPR.

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On Reverse Bucket List

-Join a fantasy football league
-Jump out of a perfectly good airplane
-Go to Coachella...again
-Go to Mexico...again
-Have a pet monkey

Oh, and the Vegas thing... I live in Vegas because, well, it's where I happened to get a seriously decent paying job. That said, I don't know why anyone would vacation in Vegas. I don't get the thrill of wandering around some horrible recreation of (insert global destination here) and taking photos of phony recreations of (insert campy attraction here). And if you eat on the Strip, YOU'RE GETTING RIPPED OFF.

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On Reverse Bucket List

@Jasons_Johnson I know, right? I mean, that whole Hoover Dam thing? Totally an insult to civil engineering!!

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On Acne Makes Us Do Crazy Things

Sigh... I am almost 35 and have been dealing with Adult Onset Cystic Acne for about 7 years now.

I never, EVER had acne when I was a teenager. Perfect skin until 28. Then... my chin started exploding.

I'm pretty resigned to the fact that I'll be dealing with this forever. And unless I have a giant, oozing zoomer, I'm not too self-conscious. Zits happen. They don't define me.

In fact... Ever seen the Family Guy episode when Chris gets his first zit...named "Doug"...who pulls a gun on Chris when he tries to get rid of it? Yeah, well, I name my zoomers "Darlene". "Darlene" and her crew carry switch-blades...

As far as treatment, I haven't tried too many medications since I tend to go by the mantra that if I wouldn't put it in my body, I'm not putting it on my body. And I generally try not to put weird things in my body, so Accutane was never an option. The only thing I will use is a salicylic acid cleanser and witch hazel as a toner and follow up with a hot compress.

My diet is pretty healthy: limited refined sugars, carbs, wheat and dairy and lots of veggies and lean protein. I enjoy a beer or two on the weekends, put generally the only thing I drink is water. So, not too many changes to be made there.

Although it sucks, like I said, it doesn't define me. And if someone wants to pass judgement on me because of a zoomer, well, fuck 'em.

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