On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

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On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

@Emby Almost certainly won't be! But if you want to share last-minute anxieties here, we can assuage them. ;)

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On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

@Quinn A@twitter

My brain will work that way, with a lot of effort, but I'll get a headache and want to cry.

Exactly! Or as I call it, the "just-good-enough-at-math-to-feel-guilty-about-not-doing-STEM" paradox.

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On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?


Mmm, I want to date a restaurant chef. Or someone who could handle the fast pace and switching gears and people yelling.

Some people have a thing for firemen...

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On What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

Social media on behalf of a corporation.

Anything where I have to repurpose the brand strategy, revitalize the dreamscape of management's vision, or listen to someone say "synergy" with a straight face.

Anything where the ladies are fancy and bitchy and bored, and say cutting remarks that always sound like questions.


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On Friday Open Thread

Here is my Hairpin wishlist! I'd love to read about any of these things (written in a non-ironic, non-sarcastic way). I also love posts that are mostly set up so we can all share specific types of stories: the first job you had, how do you make work friends and what are your work-friend rituals, what do you dream about, etc. (Anyone else have a wishlist?)

Nell Gwyn!
Mimic octopus!
NASA funding!
Forgotten Russian novels!
That time thousands of gallons of Prohibition alcohol were poured off of a pier, and bootleggers collected the briny dregs with buckets under the pier, and there were glass shards in it but they didn't care, and that's where Long Island Iced Tea comes from! (?)
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire!
Octopuses have brain cells IN THEIR ARMS, can see WITH THEIR SKIN and can taste WITH THEIR SUCKERS
Codex Seraphinianus!
Invented languages!
Gene expression (SO EXCITING you guys)
Slang dictionaries!
Having conversations about feminism with men (and if more women need to ask more men to have conversations about feminism with men)!
Secret societies!
Subversive monks!
Science in the 1600's!
An interview with the ghost of Lyndon Johnson about food stamps!
Cognitive bias!
"Ask an Economist!"
"Ask an Attorney"!
"Ask a Librarian"!
"Ask a Politician"!
"Ask a Dermatologist!"

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On What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Miss Maszkerádi
"Look at all these horrible ways society is horrible to everyone but especially to you as a woman..."

Yes, exactly. Since Friday, we've had: Ricin/severed heads. Child gun fatalities. Quotation of rape threats. Afghan women concealed, alone, in labor with no help except a donkey. Nazi bride brainwashing school. The found poem (Jesus): ("I was 11 years old / I didn't know how to respond".) "When a Gang Member Puts a Murder on Instagram".

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On What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Spice&Snails&PuppyDogTails @adorable-eggplant @she came in through the bathroom window

SO MUCH LOVE. My heart is growing at least three sizes right now. This is what the Hairpin used to be! Yes!

But now, pressing question: what LBJ biography should I start with??? Caro? Or something a bit less four-volume-ish?

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie But how do you block texts from someone? Am I living in 1999?

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On "Maybe I needed to prove that I'm wife material. If he wanted 300 sandwiches, I’d give him 300 sandwiches"

I'm tired of ragebait.

Hairpinnnnnnnnnn, why can't we have sharebait? Storybait? Where we're all inspired to tell stories?

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