By Emby on What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

Please don't be the job I just accepted, please don't be the job I just accepted, please don't be the job I just accepted...

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By Spice&Snails&PuppyDogTails on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

1. That postcard!!!

2. LBJ is absolutely one of the most interesting presidents. Politicians of any kind. People.

3. Space. Space is also endlessly interesting. DARK ENERGY, guys! Black holes! Nebulas! Space-time continuum!

4. I am tempted to just grouse and grouse about the ickiness of "History and science and politics and geography and knowing things are BORING, huh? It's cute that I only care about working out and my hair!" but I am trying to restrain myself.

5. Because I bet LBJ knew things, and did not waste his time grousing about people being anti-intellectual, and that is part of how he became FASCINATING.


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By harebell on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Emma Carmichael

I appreciate all your good efforts, I do. But this comment is disheartening. This was never "a space where we all agree about everything," and I don't think anyone is seriously asking for that.

It was a space with smart, well-researched articles and personal pieces and offbeat humor that took women seriously as full human beings with a range of interests, *not* people only interested in women's issues.

I think people are seeing lightweight content and content that seems to value or take as the norm silliness, ditziness, lack of understanding, in women. That, plus all the boring celebrity blah-blah. And the snarky Jezebel tone of voice in science articles. It's just depressing. Those things all over the web already, you know? For me, it feels like the target audience is suddenly 25-and-unders, too, not the whole range of women out there.

Sorry if you didn't want more comments about this in the comment space. But the conversation is already happening here, and perhaps that is a good thing actually.

Anyway. I won't voice criticisms in the comments again. Be well.

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By RNL on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Emma Carmichael Emma, and I mean this in a genuinely curious, not snarky way:

I understand you take aspersions like "Hairpin is becoming like Thought Catalogue" seriously.

But people also keep complaining about something else, and the complaint is crystalizing, and that complaint is that the content on this site has somehow begun to feel trivializing instead of celebratory of women. But I don't see you inviting emails on that topic. Maybe I am missing something, and if so I apologize.

I also think people here want to discuss these things in the comments, because it is a community, and we thrive on each other's ideas and responses to things.

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By Away Laughing on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll "1. If you write an article for The Economist about how American children are not eating vegetables, it may be published with the subtitle 'ewwwww, vegetables.' There is no way to stop this from happening; The Economist has lost control of their subtitle writer."

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By nina! on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

I'm sure people who are interested in LBJ are also interested in graphs... but man, this one rubbed me the wrong way. :(

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By hahahaha, ja. on What I Learned From Reading The Economist

:( :( :( :( I am sad because I think space is awesome. I guess we're not doing a good enough PR job if people think it's boring.

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By sophia_h on Friday Open Thread

@Queen of Pickles A Nosefrida Snot Sucker

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By blueberry mary on Friday Open Thread

@fondue with cheddar As long as they're secured low at the nape of the neck, I think you'll be okay.

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By iceberg on Friday Open Thread

Bergy Bits, why are you crying this week?

[at the aquarium] I don't want the shark to get me! Relatedly, I have no concept of foot-thick plexiglass.

I, your son, want ponytails in my hair like my sisters. And I won't hear any of your excuses about my hair being too short. That's just laziness talking.


About 3:30am. The Quiet One wails from the bedroom. One fixed blanket and one hug later, she's all good. I stumble back to bed. Ten minutes later, more wails. "Mummeeeeee!" I stagger back to the children's bedroom. My darling daughter stops wailing and smiles up at me, parts her Cupid's bow lips and says "Fart!"
I guess she couldn't wait til morning to tell me about it.


@TheclaAndTheSeals asked: "How do you adjust your attitude when your situation is not immediately changeable and your bad attitude is only hurting yourself?
So maybe for kids: When you're grumpy all the time, how do you stop that?"

Bergy Bits Answer:
The Clown: [making angry finger guns] "Hnnnnggggghhh!" (angry grunting) followed by peals of laughter from all three Bergy Bits.
Iceberg Interpretation: I think what the Clown was trying to say here, and this is advice that I myself have needed, is that it's okay to express your anger, but remember not to take yourself too seriously, and try to find the joy and humor in everyday life as well.

@Whatwhat? asked: "dear Bergy Bits,although I generally enjoy my job and find my tasks interesting and feel like I keep learning and developing a lot every day, I have so many issues at work that are stressing me out (such as my 16-hour day today), and also I'm in a long distance relationship and would like to live in the same country as my boyfriend and am considering moving, but this might mean I would have to settle with any job there at first, which doesnt seem too bad especially considering my stress-level at work at the moment, but I always do this I always run away from my problems and start over and I dont want this to be my coping mechanism for everything, you know? "

I first attempted to ask the Quiet One -"Quiet One, can I ask you a question?" at which she shouted "No questions!" and made a dismissive hand gesture. I attempted the question again several days later, when the BBs were somewhat mollified and distracted, eating tubs of mogurt - "Mummy's friend Whatwhat: Job? Or boyfriend?"
The Clown said "Boyfriend!" and The Quiet One said "Job!" but then she immediately changed her answer to "Boyfriend!". The Diva abstained from voting.
Iceberg Interpretation: I guess the Bergy Bits believe in true "uvv". They are firm believers in proclaiming their love and demanding "huggakiss", certainly. Perhaps you are running away from your job problems (I wouldn't know anything about that *coughcough*), but also you are running towards your boyfriend. If it makes you feel any better, I got a retail job within 2 weeks of moving to the US from Australia, and a proper job in my industry about a month after that.

(@upupandaway - I didn't see your questions until last night but will put them to the BBs over the weekend!)

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