By JessicaLovejoy on Two Unrelated Statements

On the Throwing Shade podcast, Bryan Safi put it best concerning flaccid peens: "It's basically looking at like a goblin that's been dead for a hundred years and has shrunk."

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By TheRisottoRacket on The Bestworst Guy

I never dated a bestworst guy, but I was probably a bestworst girl before I starting receiving treatment for my depression and anxiety :/

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By Blackwatch Plaid on What Your Bag Says About You


Pocket sand!

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By machinesss on What Your Bag Says About You

A canvas messenger bag that seems to be mostly for carrying pocket sand and getting everything you put in it mysteriously dirty?

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By OhMyGoshYouGuys on Blue Ivy, According to Etsy

@cashmere velvet candy cane I dunno, think of how cool you'd look lighting up a Virginia Slim while you pump gas.

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By frigwiggin on Windows 95 Tips and Tricks

Oh, Neil Cicierega.

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By formergr on You Say Tomato, I Say ABE-raham

@meetapossum "Ma-TOOR" for "mature" gets me every time. Ugh.

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By Reginal T. Squirge on The Sweater


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By Cawendaw on Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Ronald Reagan Plays the President

I mean this as a compliment: when read my first Scandals article, I imagined AHP as a classic dedicated scholar, digging through dusty archives and furiously scribbling notes in a beat-up moleskine. Now, over a year later, I imagine her at the top of a tower in some obscure part of the Carpathian mountains where it's always night and there's always a thunderstorm, scratching the head of her favorite vampire bat and whispering softly to herself. "Yeees, Flysbreath, I have their tears, and I have their gasps, but how can I harvest their screams? What could I write that would draw screams of helpless terror and outrage deep from within their... What's that Flysbreath? The rottenness of democracy? A Hollywood skeeziness that reached far beyond Hollywood to permanently mar the world in ways we are still discovering? Oh yeees, Flysbreath, and I know just the star, too... Oh, I can hear them already, Flysbreath... The election day screams of the 'pinners..."

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By Lyssachelle on A Letter to My Future Black Baby

@thiscallsforsoap With a white mom and a black dad, I have been called everything in the book, but have never been called a beigeby.
I LOVE IT AND YOU. (And Eudora.)

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