On The Story of Glitter Dolphins

I don't know if I was linked to it from here (seems likely), but the Lisa Frank "trailer" is pretty awesome.

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On The Pristine Myth

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On Make Your Peace With Middle-Aged Guys Wearing Ball Caps Indoors

See also: Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad. In season one with the mustache and all the hair he looks exactly like you would think a high school chem teacher would look, but as soon as he shaves his head,BOOM. Bad. Ass.

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On G-Rated Gender-Bending With Sexy Sheik

I'm going to leave this here:


I feel like the people in this comment thread will truly appreciate it.

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On I Drank the Kool-Aid, and It Was Juice

For Christmas, my boyfriend's parents got him a juicer and he went gung-ho with the whole juicing thing. He kept trying to convert me, the problem was he was making these nutrient-rich-but-disgusting concoctions, like celery-cucumber-lemon. I refused to try any more after hearing "No you don't TASTE it, you just chug it down!" (I will admit apple-carrot-ginger was pretty good though.) I had given up on the concept but maybe I just need to try some "professionally-made" juice?

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On Friday Open Thread

Okay, here is a question: Would you rather write and defend a thesis or take comprehensive exams? I take exams for my French lit Masters in two weeks, and I've essentially been in some state of panic since October (my "study guide" is 110 pages long). I have been pondering whether it is less sob-inducing to do research and have to defend what you wrote or to be prepared discuss arbitrary selections from 40+ books, I'm curious to hear from people on the "other side".

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On Ask a Non-Monogamous Couple

@excitablegirl Same here. A couple months ago my boyfriend and I were talking and we brought up "maybe if we occasionally wanted to sleep with other people there is a way to make it work". Since then I've been looking for examples just to see what relationship options are out there so I was excited to see this article here, but I'm also surprised by the tone of some of the comments.

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On Phone Apps Someone Who Knows How to Make Phone Apps Ought to Make

@Deb of last year@twitter You're not alone. My mom's friend was once telling a story about how her daughter dropped a bucket of black paint on the floor, and my brain went "Oh no, Ctrl + Z!" Luckily I didn't say it out loud, I probably would have gotten one of those "oh you kids..." looks.

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On Treating and Sitting and Smoking and Talking

@SarahDances The anti-splitting sentiment is surprising to me too. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year and we usually split the check approximately according to what we ordered. We'll treat each other when there's a birthday or we're celebrating something, but for everyday outings we each pay our own share and I never thought to do it another way.

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On Allow Women Into Your Life

For some perverse reason I love these 80s relationship tapes. I managed to find the full version of one of the dating ones from interlibrary loan, and was planning on some kind of a drinking game once it came in. Then they told me they couldn't find it... the disappointment was bitter.

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