On Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson, One of the Last Four Doctors in America to Openly Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

I was also very much against 3rd-trimester abortions. Thank you for posting this article! It has given me a lot to think about.

I had a stillbirth at 23 weeks, and they did that thing where they let me hold him and encouraged me to take pictures afterwards. I thought it was really weird & morbid at the time ("Take pictures of my dead baby? What?") but it ended up being extremely cathartic. I was actually in the hospital for about 4 days afterwards, and they kept him in a crib next to my bed for that whole time. Again, really weird but cathartic. Except when an orderly came in and said "Congratulations!" and I had to say "He's dead."

I also had to make a decision, when I was in labor with him (for 2 days). They could try to slow down the labor as much as they could (with medication) and I could stay in the hospital for another week or two and try to give birth to him... in which case, if he lived, he would have been born with severe disabilities. Or have them take me off the labor-slowing medication, I would give birth to him, and he would be a stillbirth. I chose the latter, and although it still makes me sad (happened 8 years ago), it was very much the right decision.

So while it wasn't technically an abortion (although I did have to have a D&C afterwards), I can see how it was somewhat similar to some of the scenarios above.

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On Friday Night Lights: An Appreciation of The Cheerleader

Holy crap! I also loved this book!! I read it over and over again in Jr. High and High School. I had absolutely no idea that there were sequels and/or a TV movie! I had no idea anyone else had every heard of it or read it or that it was popular in any way.

I haven't read this book as an adult (I'm 40). I'm going to have to give it a re-read. Weirdly enough, I still have my copy (with drawings I did on the cover of pom-poms, heh. It's the hard-copy version but without the outer cover). This book is so nostalgic for me that I could never get rid of it.

I have such strong memories of this book. Wow.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

@Cat named Virtute Me too. (struggle with being thought of as sexual). And I'm sort of built like Christina Hendricks, so it's doubly weird. I know people who look like, well, virgins and yet they have a rich and storied sex life. I'm always sort of jealous of the people who are all "I can't believe how many losers I slept with in my 20s! UGH! Thank GOD that's over with!" I'm 40 and I've slept with 4 people. Two of them, I ended up marrying! (separately, of course). It's ridiculous to feel shame over *only* having slept with 4 people, but there it is. I'm very happily married now, but I wish I had that wiring to have been able to sleep around a bit first.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

Just wanted to say: this one was my favorite. I love her. Other than the parents (mine were 60s hippies who were fairly open about sex. I've always suspected it was the people who's parents repressed them had the best sex. Rebel sex. But apparently not), I related to this BIG time! I don't usually read stuff like this and want to be their friend, but she completely rocks.
I kept picturing her as a sort of virgin Bridget Jones ;)
I really really wish this series was around when I was a 20 year old virgin who felt like the biggest freak in all of existence. I think I write that in the comments after all these interviews, heh.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Bette

@PatatasBravas I thought it was an absolutely brilliant line, actually. I felt exactly the same way when I was a 20 year old virgin.

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On Berry-Vanilla-Olive-Oil Flourless Springtime Clafouti

@ThatWench Cool. I'll try the Frangelico. I'm not sure how I function without vanilla extract! I somehow manage to get through my life, though ;)

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On Berry-Vanilla-Olive-Oil Flourless Springtime Clafouti

@Cat named Virtute Thanks guys. I don't have ANY extracts. For booze, I have scotch (Glenmorangie), the aforementioned Frangelico, and Patron Silver tequila. Oh! I think I have some honey-infused scotch, too. Maybe that would work?

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On Berry-Vanilla-Olive-Oil Flourless Springtime Clafouti

I can't believe I actually have *almost* all of the ingredients for this! Um, what would happen if I made it without vanilla? Could I replace it with something? Like Frangelico?
(I am not a cook so I don't know about these things)

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On Remembering Lilith: Tracy Chapman

Quick name drop. Tracy Chapman babysat me a few times when I was a kid (8 or 9). My parents were resident directors at Tufts University and would hire random students to babysit me. I like to think she & I jammed on our acoustic guitars together (I actually had one!), but I have no memory of her.

After "Fast Car" came out, I was sitting in the car with my dad listening to it (I was probably 16 or so) and he stunned me with "Did you know the person who sings this was your babysitter?"

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On Let's Talk a Bit About the Woman Who Regrets Her Kids

@PatatasBravas Didn't mean to sound smirky or condescending. I've heard a TON of "I was pressured into having a kid and then regretted it" stories. But, you know, it might have been my husband who sent them to me back when I was "nagging" him to have a baby.
The back-story is that neither of us particularly wanted kids. I accidentally got pregnant and although I'm pro-choice, I just couldn't have an abortion. My husband wanted me to. We had a rough couple of weeks and back-and-forth. Therapy. He "came around" and eventually became even more excited about having a baby than I was. At almost 6 months, I had a stillbirth and almost died myself. We were both very traumatized by this. I reacted by desperately wanting another baby to "replace" the one we had lost. My husband's reaction was "No, the F$&*ck, WAY!" I became very depressed. We fought/discussed/etc... about it and he eventually gave in. Took me 2 more years to get pregnant. He would occasionally remind me that it was "all my idea" to have our second baby. Right up until I gave birth. It was a very rough several years, so the fact that it all "worked out" so well is a constant shock to me. It's probably not typical.
The scariest thing about having kids, to me, is that you kind of never know how you're going to react. You can be one of those "I've always wanted kids!" people and then resent your kids. And you can be an "I'm not particularly maternal" type, have a kid, and have it be the greatest thing ever. I've heard of both happening.

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