On Texts From Pride and Prejudice

@Nicole Cliffe I'd love to see texts from Betsy-Tacy !

Did your mother finish your cat costume yet? The town talent pageant is in two days!
I'll meet you at the Chocolate House for a stroll to Little Syria. Don't let Katie know where we're going

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On Nobody Loves an Albatross

Yes! This is one of my all time desert island movies!
I first saw it on late-night tv in junior or senior year and have coerced/forced friends/exes into watching it, as it's the scariest movie I've seen - Rosemary's loss of control over her body and life is terrifying. I read the book this summer, and this essay doesn't lie. The movie's dialogue is word-for-word, nearly verbatim to the novel. The movie also has the best character names (Terry Gionoffrio, Laura-Louise McBurney, Minnie Castevet, Lily Gardenia, Dr. Shand, etc) and I just love the Vidal Sassoon hairstyle that Rosemary gets. Adding this to my Xmas list now.

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On None of These Books Is Famous Yet!

I'm reading The Dangerous Animals Club, by Stephen Tobolowsky. He's like the uncle you always wanted who is a great storyteller. The book is good so far, but is nearly a word-for-word transcript of his earliest podcasts.

Also eagerly waiting for The Twelve to load onto my kindle tomorrow. I raced through The Passage and plan to wake up early tomorrow am to begin reading its sequel.

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On Mindy, Mindy, Mindy

I had no idea about her mother's passing earlier this year. That section of the profile was heartbreaking.

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On The $625 Apartment

@olliegrace High five to another Hairpinner moving to Madison this year! I'm moving from DC ($550 for a room in a group house in a DC suburb) to Madison later this year. Looking for a room near the Capitol area and one bedrooms seem to average around $600-800ish there.

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On Why 1995 Was Probably the Best Year Ever for Movies

@amelia! is she a child of divorce from NYC? that would be too much of a coincidence!

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On Friday Open Thread

@boysplz I'm rooting for Eureka, with her quizzical look and mussed-up hair. so sweet!

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On Friday Open Thread

@redheadedandcrazy http://animal.discovery.com/tv/puppy-bowl/starting-lineup/starting-lineup-09.html be prepared for LOTS & LOTS of cuteness

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm all about the Puppy Bowl and its kitty half time show.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Strangers Have Said

My worst (that I can remember) was last month in an emergency room. After being rushed to the hospital for tuna poisoning, a nurse was touching my stomach to check that area. Rather than saying, "everything looks good/neutral/awful/etc," he said "that's a nice soft stomach." Thanks dude, don't think it's a compliment; that sounds more like a back-handed insult.

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