On A Curated Selection of Wonderfully Gruesome Sentences from Wikipedia

Yes! Love these types of articles on here. I spent HOURS in the "entries to read in the dark" one a while back.

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On 10 Things I Learned From Editing Obituaries for Two Years

This is one of the best things I've read here in a long time. Thanks!

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On Who We Tell When We Watch Our Parents Die

This couldn't be more timely for me -- my mom died at home at the age of 54, 4 years ago tomorrow. Being with someone while they are dying is really hard to describe, and unlike anything anyone who has not been through it would be able to imagine. This made me smile and cry -- so thank you.

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On The Fur Pie

avoiding looking prepubescent, 100%

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On Kanye West, "Bound 2"

so he is definitely just trolling everyone at this point, right? like, this can't be real?

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On Neko Case Plays "Overrated-Underrated"

LOVE HER. I saw her play in Boston a couple years ago and it was way undersold and before she started she called the venue out for just not promoting her whatsoever and then went into such a badass set. She's a queen.

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On Other Rolling Stone Covers

@Statham It bothers everyone because he's attractive and no one wants to admit it. I honestly think if it was the exact same cover, with someone who was less attractive, people would not be making as big of a deal of it as they are. This cover isn't going to convert any younger girl from thinking he's a monster into thinking he's a rock star -- those decisions were made long before this, back in April, when this same picture was plastered everywhere else in America.

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On Other Rolling Stone Covers

I live in Boston and have for eight years -- I went to college here and have basically become an adult in this city. I was absolutely devastated and heartbroken and terrified this April. But I cannot really muster up anger at this cover. I think the article is something to be far more angry at -- how many times do I have to read how "chill" and "cool" this kid was? soft soft softball is calling it lightly, in my opinion.

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On The BRCA Gene, Our Mother, And Our Insurance Plans: A Chat Between Sisters

@mxel I was having the same thoughts. My mom passed away three years ago at 54 after living for 20 years with breast cancer. I finally got up the courage to get genetic counseling to determine how to best take care of myself. If you or your sister haven't done it, I highly recommend it. It was SUPER emotional, but I felt really good having an oncologist and counselor tell me how to take care of myself as a 25 year old whose mother was diagnosed at 34 with breast cancer. (Turns out that means starting at 27, mammograms and MRIs alternatively every 6 months...)

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On My So-Called Post-Feminist Life

Whoa whoa whoa, that was intensely more sad that I was expecting. How infuriating. Makes me feel really lucky that since I graduated college in 2009 I've worked in arts non-profits dominated by super badass, inspiring, intelligent women. (When we hire a man, it's like wohoo! diversity!)

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