On Interview with Joanna Rohrback, the Prancercise Guru

She is a delight and a national treasure. What a cool, awesome lady.

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On We Are All Pregnant Again

Lapis Lazuli.

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On Yes

@Nutellaface You are not the only one who thinks he's 100% in on the joke! I mean, obviously he is. And if i were of the personality to do such a thing, I would totally go to that wedding with him based on the dance photo alone.

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On Yes

@Lily Rowan Well said, and totally agreed.

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On 10 Things My Yoga Instructor Said That Almost Made Me Quit Yoga

Thank you list-maker and commenters for giving me all the laughs I ever wanted. Good stuff.

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On Additional PR-Friendlier Edible-Insect Renames

@supernovice I actually gagged reading that. Hork.

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On Do You Need a Hug?

@minijen I'm curious about this too! I used to do the kiss parents goodnight on the lips thing too, when I was a kid. I don't remember when it stopped but probably around puberty. We don't do it now, but we do hug.

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On A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

@Jolie Kerr I still make my bed every day too, and every day i can't believe i'm doing it. I was an avowed non-bed maker my entire life. Granted I make it very, very poorly, but it makes me happy every day nonetheless.

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On Confessions of a Yukon Arm Wrestling Champion, Women's Division

Just adding to the love of this piece. Really enjoyable.

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On Scrub?

@angermonkey @shoop You know that's such a good point to make. It's easy to fall in love with the bonkers/incompetent/lazy/mean/and so on people because there are SO damn many of them (possibly, as someone upstream commented, imported from some alien planet to horrify us all), but it is just as easy to fall in love with the really good ones. And they're out there, just a little less prolific.

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