On Lucy's Conquests

@null Yes, this is exactly what I do. I want to pet them all so badly! But people are tired, in a hurry, don't want to talk to a stranger, whatever, and I get that. So I just grin and make eyes at their pups like a weirdo.

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On The Treat Yo Self Pie

@Hot Doom I picture you like Pitfall Harry, adroitly stepping over baby-logs and occasionally swinging over small swamps (baby pee accidents?) on a vine.

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On The Areola Architect: Cathi Locati

@Sugar Rope I was thinking the same thing.

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On A Migraine *Just For You*

@karrrren I get the ocular migraines too, and have yet to get a headache with them (thankful for that part). I get lightening bolts and/or northern lights in my vision, light sensitivity, once I had vertigo, and generally am completely weakened physically and mentally. And it makes me hazy and dull for at least a day and sometimes two days after. Mine seem to be exercise-induced for the most part, and are fortunately not very frequent.

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On Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson, One of the Last Four Doctors in America to Openly Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

I'm late to this, and so glad I caught up and read it. Thank you Dr.
Robinson and Jia.

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On Are You Part of the 16% of People Who Can't Look at This Without Screaming?

@Lizzy@twitter This is so fascinating. It's not a thing for me either.

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On Ask a Glutton: When Your Food Groups Are Cheese, Chocolate, and Coffee

@JessicaLovejoy All the thumbs up.

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On Other Rolling Stone Covers

@jaimebee tho Logged in just to thumbs up that comment and tell you I did so. Killed me.

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On The Best Time Justin Bieber Made Me Cry

Good story. Also, oooohh, the east coast Portland representing. Nice.

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On The Craving: One Woman's Salty Confession

@C_Webb "Bourbony." Hahahah, brilliant. I'll take two somethings bourbony.

I wouldn't say it bothered me, but I very much noticed that too and was like "wait, why does she need to keep getting money from him? did she forget her wallet? run out of cash? that happens. maybe they have separate finances and she bought him dinner last night and he's buying lunch today. i dunno. if i were writing i'd be paranoid that people would think that i have to get all my money for purchases from my partner if i mentioned it twice, so i'd probably make some disclaimer about the circumstances, which could potentially distract from the story at hand. so i'm not a great judge here probably." And then she was making all the comments about earning food with cardio and whatnot and then the pregnancy reveal justification, and i realized i just didn't care about the piece to begin with.

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