On 29 Recreational Wheeled Vehicles, by Sexiness

As a derby girl I disagree with roller skates being 27th

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee @dj pomegranate Right?!?! Unbelievable, but also totally believable if you knew him.

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On Friday Open Thread

Found out via the local newspaper that my asshole ex got convicted for defrauding charities. I can't stop laughing. Now everyone knows what a fucking scumbag he really is.

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On The First Holiday Negotiating In-Law (or Almost-In-Law) Needs and Wants

"I completely, totally, engulfingly hate this time of year."

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On My Boyfriend Dreams of Food: The Second Taco

Once on vacation, my brother and I were sharing a room. He was having an afternoon nap and I was reading in the other bed. He rolled over, giggled to himself, and said "Blaaaaazin'".

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On Friday Open Thread

@robyn.andrews Gaah temporary contract? No idea if it's legal or not.
Yep, I'll be a student at U of T this fall. I just really like this place and want to live in it past September.
Preferably without crawling to my parents to get a guarantor letter from them.

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On Friday Open Thread

Leases, man.
I'm moving to Toronto at the end of the month. Subletting a room for September, then looking to sign a year's lease while I'm in school.
Trying to get this lease organized has been insane. First, he was trying to send me a lease application to the wrong email address, and got quite cranky when I wasn't replying. So I got him my application and giant deposit (he wants one cheque for 3 people on the lease). Which happened on Sunday. THEN I emailed him yesterday to see why he hadn't deposited the cheque. He's not confident that the two roommates WHO ARE PREVIOUS TENANTS would be able to carry the lease should I default. Of course, one of the roommates is out of town and I can't reach her.
I sent him information on my OSAP loan and how my I have in an RRSP this morning (definitely enough between the 2 to cover the entire house by myself)...and I'm waiting. Biting all my nails off and feeling generally like I'm going to puke.
I've ALWAYS paid my previous rents on time. I would beg my parents/sell my possessions/many other embarrassing things before I would ever miss a rent payment.

Words of advice?

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About Artificial Sweeteners

@Tuna Surprise "Also, I drink my coffee black with no sugar. Like a goddamn adult."

I love you.

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On Friday Open Thread

@maybe partying will help @redheaded&crazie
Fuck yeah, roller derby!

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On Smoking Alternatives, Troubled Parents, and the Unappealing Business Trip

@frenz.lo The best derby name is Defecaitlin (Toronto Roller Derby)

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