On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

So, a friend of mine does this kind of research for the FDA, and when I saw this I emailed him and said, basically, "what the hell are you people doing over there?" and his reply was, also basically, "this piece exemplifies that most medical writers have no idea what they’re talking about and neither do many of the researchers conducting the studies." Apparently the studies are incredibly biased and complicated - he said he gets contacted by a news source about articles like this at least once a month, and when he gives them balanced quotes, they never print them.

I will continue using condoms and tracking my cycle on a lunar calendar and drinking nettle tea. Because drugs are terrifying, and so is the industry around them.

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On Friday Open Thread

@deathcabforcutes You must must must stop at Lulu's, the bakery next to Neptune. Also, have fun at Atlantic Fish, I go there a lot for work and have seen some neat celebrities (last week: James Taylor!) Keep your eyes peeled!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Madeline Shoes Be ready to follow directions VERY closely and devote A LOT of time to your projects. You'll be great!

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On Friday Open Thread

@deathcabforcutes Woo! Welcome!

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On What's the Best Song to Have Sex To?

Unacceptable: while I was going down on him, his computer (on shuffle) started playing a song by his band. NOPE.

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On This Moving Animated Short Features a Fiona Apple Cover of "Pure Imagination," Is an Ad for Chipotle

Marketing is insane.

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On Mark Twain at 16: No Comment

@leonstj This can definitely be true. I dated a guy who would have been totally just pretty-boy-hot, but his nose was crooked from being broken a bunch of times boxing. I saw pictures from when he was younger - way better with the broken nose. Can't explain why.

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On Friday Open Thread

@dru I had an eating disorder for a bunch of years that I finally kicked in 2009. Recently, I went through a really nasty breakup and subsisted on nothing but whiskey and the accompanying maraschino cherries for...oh, about five days. Then I ran into an old friend (we're in the US) who said "oh, wow! You look great! You look skinny!" My point is: never forget that no one really knows what is going on in your head and with your body, and their opinions are just opinions and don't matter. Oh, you think I look great when recently heartbroken and spiraling into disordered eating habits? Super. That opinion is insane, and doesn't matter at all. They think you look big? Fuck 'em. (And I am totes okay on the food front now, in case you are wondering.)

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On Friday Open Thread


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On Survival Prognoses for Characters on Orange is the New Black If They Were Instead Characters on Game of Thrones

"Renowned more for her cunnilingus skills than her common sense." Best epitaph ever?

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