On The Very First Hairpin Q&A

E.T. Like, the actual creature. I have been afraid of him ever since I first saw the movie, in the theater, when I was 4 which was probably just a biiiiit too young. I mean, I know he is not a "bad guy" but I don't care, his creepy running and the way he first appears as just the disembodied thing throwing the ball back to Elliott? NOOO! too much. I remember getting up in the night and going to sit in the bathroom for like, a half an hour, because I could sit there legitimately with the light on and know E.T. couldn't get me. I am still afraid of him now...

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On #DudeCanCook #EpicSmile #RatingMenWithHashtags

Just found this on their main webpage explaining the service: "Lulu is 17+. We are not for children or young teens. We check the age of all users via Facebook and block anyone under 17." And yet...they refer to their female users as "girls."

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On "Closer," Tegan and Sara

@zamboni I've also found it on Grooveshark, which is an awesome site also for the spotify-impaired like me/ppl who don't like the ads.

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On "Closer," Tegan and Sara

@Onymous thank you!

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On "Closer," Tegan and Sara

love it! Does anyone know if the whole album is streaming anywhere legit? Trying to be good about not spending money but also don't want to actually pirate the album.

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On Beauty Q&A: Caftans, Baby Gifts, and What Is Up With BB Creams?

@TheLetterL LW2 here: yes, the Skin Deep database is amazing and freakish. It makes me judge myself...and find better products.

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On Beauty Q&A: Caftans, Baby Gifts, and What Is Up With BB Creams?

@unicornfighter thanks! LW2 here, and I'm checking it out.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Tackling a Major Clean-up, Part One

@kangerine you could also try selling to half.com. I am also in DC, and there is a donation bin (like the yellow/green clothing donation bin) for books outside my Safeway--the UnSafeway. I think I've seen them elsewhere around town too. If you're just looking for a path of least resistance "get these out of here now" type solution.

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On In the Year 2012

@Achyvi ooh, that's interesting about Arm and Hammer. If it doesn't have aluminum, I think that's half the battle. It might not combat the height of DC summers but at least it (and/or Edith's) is a start

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On In the Year 2012

Happy 2012! I have a question about the deodorant, to which I guess the answer is going to be yes, but I need to ask: do your underarms smell ok when you're using it? I have been trying to switch to all natural beauty products, and this is one of my last hold outs. I tried to use a stick deodorant from either Jason or Tom's, which was supposed to be unscented and was, I guess, but then I just smelled like BO? Which is the opposite of the point. (My other beauty hold out is foundation makeup. I have been using Revlon ColorStay for over a decade so I'm used to that amount of coverage and staying power and have not found anything natural (or otherwise, really) that compares. Latest try was Zuzu Luxe. Any suggestions welcomed!)

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