On Winter Survival: Almanzo Wilder’s Apple Pie

Just gotta say it... Almanzo Wilder always was and will remain to be an undeniable babe.

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On Fiona Apple, "Hot Knife"

I made an English muffin this morning and while I cut the butter, I sang this song. Coincidentally, as a chomped on my buttered muffing, I had the distinct thought, "This song is too good. It will never be a single." I was so wrong.

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On Pop Rework Mini-Playlist: Capital Cities, Viceroy, Ryan Hemsworth

Nothing Compares 2 The Original Pony

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On If This Catalog Could Talk: Anthropologie Girls

The rest of the J Crew Crew shorts are hilarious.

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On Carmen Tarleton's Face Transplant

@ohpioneer After reading, watching, and further digesting this story, I just want to thank The Hairpin for sharing it.

The science, the inner peace, and the strength of every character in this story - from the doctors to Carmen and the Cheryl, the donor - are awe-some. I am glad to know that people like that exist.

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On Carmen Tarleton's Face Transplant

All the people in this story are so at peace - it's quite moving.

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On Interview with Joanna Rohrback, the Prancercise Guru

This woman! What a wonderful person! Way to be yourself, Joanna!

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On The Agony and the Ecstasy of Having a Mother

This is so lovely and so well written. Thank you for putting to words many thoughts and reflections I have had on my own relationship with my mother. I will be tucking this essay into her Mother's Day card as it parallels our relationship in many, many ways.

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On The Source Family: A Cult I Might Have Joined

Just an interesting similarity...

What is it with cults and withholding male orgasm?

My master's thesis was about a male run utopian "cult" of the mid 1800's in upstate NY - The Oneida Community. Anyway, the male members of the Community practiced what they called "male continence," or, male coitus reservatus, as the "healthy" way to have sex and cultivate relationships and, less importantly, as a birth control method.

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

"Dr. Strangefood or: How I stopped eating food and learned to love the soylent"

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