It's a Stovepipe Sponge! Me, I'm from Melbourne.

By R&RKD on The Tradition of Female Ejaculation in Rwanda

Says a lot about "Ask Men" readers that they would assume that vacuuming is a once-monthly activity.

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By RebeccaKW on The Tradition of Female Ejaculation in Rwanda

Dear men-if a woman tells you she is doing a household chore, do NOT ask if she's ovulating.

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By bananalise on Friday Open Thread

@Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that) Oh god yes that piece gives me so much solace. My version JUST FROM TODAY:
me: oh my god she has a plum she's eating a plum i want to die
oh my god it's awful
there are all of the sounds
how does one plum contain every texture
every disgusting texture
there is grinding AND smacking AND sucking AND crunching AND weird tongue sounds AND slurping
just really going to town
it looked so small
but it just keeps going
the self-regenerating plum
and there is so much sniffling and coughing and it just never ever ends
this plum now involves gulping
i hope that means the end is in sight
(my friend): ahhaha
me: oh thank god it's over
the plum is over
but we haven't even reached banana time yet
there's so much day left
(my friend): so much fruit

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By Heat Signature on A Controversial Graphic Design Project for the Homeless

The inherent problem with this, however, is that it's not necessarily forcing the average person to "confront those suffering from homelessness". The average person is going to see these signs and think, "Well if they have enough money to make a fancy sign then they certainly don't need anything from me!". It's nice that these people think there's some high-minded purpose to what they do, but honestly? Take that money and time and donate it to organizations working to create equitable economic conditions or those fighting for universal health care.

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By laurel on Friday Open Thread

You guyyys, my Hairpinnery has exposed me to the internet via Buzzfeed listicalism. See no. 22.

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By Mira on Nice to Meet You, Internet

@stonefruit Yes please! Yarn crafts and sleeping are pretty much my favorite things. Where is our website? Ravelry doesn't have enough napping content and I don't know how to visit more than one place on the Internet per day.

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By Faintly Macabre on Friday Open Thread

@plumb-bob I've watched my dad deal with those same questions and similar feelings. She's been this way for his whole life, but he still often has trouble accepting that she isn't a loving, caring person and never will be. And then he gets angry--at how things are in general, at her, and at himself for hoping. Part of this is just because he tries really hard to see the best in people, which probably helped him cope but also makes it hard for him to wall himself off from her. It's hard to cut yourself off when it's someone you feel you owe love to and who should love you in return. Even I've had trouble with it, and I didn't have to grow up with her and have had minimal affection from her to lure me in (which is how BPD works, yay).

I'm sure there are plenty of people in your life who'd be willing to give you the love and support that she should, if they aren't already. Remembering that other people choose to love you can help put her behavior in perspective, even if it reminds you of what that behavior should be.

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By SmartCookie on Friday Open Thread

@plumb-bob Hi! My mom is undiagnosed NPD as well and it sucks, doesn't it? But in a weird way it's kind of comforting to understand that there's a name for it and it's not just you. I'm a few more months into dealing with it but I'm basically right there with you.If you ever want to vent or commiserate I would be way open to emailing!

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By Racing Snail on Friday Open Thread

@plumb-bob Vent away! My mother is so very bipolar (never officially diagnosed)and I hear you on the "fierce streak of independence". The best way I cope is by taking ten steps back and reminding myself that much of her behaviour has nothing to do with me. Which now is comforting, but in the beginning was crushing since that "mom" figure in your life is very much not the supportive, reliable person they're meant to be. I'm glad you're talking to someone...all of the hugs.

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By knockout on Friday Open Thread

I'm sure this is a common sentiment but man, it's hard making friends as an adult.

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