On Scientology and Me, Part Six: Postscript

"And I believe it only makes things worse — a group that feels it's being persecuted will only turn more deeply inward and become even more distrustful of outsiders. Anyone who doesn't support the church thus becomes its enemy, and this only tears more families apart and leave those members who already have doubts about the church all the more isolated."

This is exactly how domestic violence works too! Thank you so much for a refreshing, informative, and compassionate series!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

I'm so confused about the vice box. Sooooo confused.

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On But How Disgusting Is My Face, Really?

Ok...but then what do they say after you have the test? Do they give you tips on how to reduce porphyrins or make your pores smaller? Or is it like, "the test shows you're pretty damn ugly. Well, have a nice day!"?

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