On Bill Murray and Me

When Bill Murray comes to you, now, when you are this, forgive him.

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On $638,412.97

@[sic] I came to post exactly this. God, this is like mainlining sadness.

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On I Never Meta-Horror I Didn't Like

@Uumellmahaye The Hunger, though! Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon.

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On I Never Meta-Horror I Didn't Like

Oo! There was an indie a few years ago called "How To Be a Serial Killer" that would be right up your abandoned, dank alley. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1038971/

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On Someone Please Tell Me What to Do With This Rutabaga

You guys, I'm so glad we're talking about this. I love my CSA (three years woo) and I was completely dumbfounded at first.

The best advice I ever got was to buy a salad spinner and be prepared to spend a half hour to an hour cleaning, drying, and storing my veggies right after getting them.

It's not that bad! Put on some funk music, clean your leafies in the kitchen sink, spin everything as dry as you can get it, store according to the needs of your veggies (best guide: http://www.thevspotblog.com/2012/01/how-to-store-fresh-produce-from-to.html), and blanch/freeze anything you know you're not going to get to right away.

Doing this work ahead of time means that you will really cut down on the amount of sad, sad uneaten veggies wilting in your fridge.

And, when you're staring at an alien vegetable and you don't know the best way to get it into your mouth, cook that bitch in olive oil with garlic, red pepper and add vinegar at the end. This has never failed me.

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@Mame Dennis-Pickett-Burnside Buh-buh-but Julian! So many catty letters!

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On Really Good Books You Could Spend Your Allowance On: Part One

@monicamcl YES! Oh, my goodness, J.G. Farrell, yes. I am actually reading Siege right now and it's tremendous. I might even be enjoying it more than Troubles? Which is saying something because I loved Troubles like it was my best friend this fall.

My point is that everybody should check out this trilogy because it's tremendously witty and sad and a really good attempt to pry into the mindset that lead to British colonialism in the first place and the human frailties that made the whole enterprise so stupid, cruel, and impossibly doomed.

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On Christmasflix of Classic Hollywood: Holiday Inn

@femme cassidy That is so fantastic that I am probably going to try to tell that anecdote at my office holiday party. "An Internet person's grandpa was... there was a plane and you know Danny Kaye? That's kind of important... Anyway!"

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On Robyn on SNL

Oh, what a delight she is! She's the hot, young version of your favorite crazy aunt.

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On The Most Beautiful Eyes of 1958

Watching this video is so weird. It goes, "Oh, ha ha, cute... cute... cute... oh, that's a little awkward... cute... cute.. cute... GYAAAAHHH WHAT THE FUCK HELL!.... cute? .... cute?.... Okay, it's over."

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