On The Best Time I Got an Endometrial Ablation

For everyone with the heavy periods and the anemia that goes with, ask your doctor about Lysteda. I finally was able to get my hands on the drug when it was approved in the US a couple of years ago (had been available in Europe for some time) and it's made a significant difference in my heavy flow due to my adenomyosis.

(I mean, I still have a heavy flow that would make most women weep with fear, but at least it's manageable enough now I can actually leave the house and not have my overnight maxipad go out in the middle of a meeting with my boss and leave a puddle on the seat behind me, which yes, was awful.)

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On Tiny Women, Freakishly Large Men

I'm 4'8 1/2 and my husband is 6'3 1/2. We only notice the height difference when we look at photos of the two of us together. It's really not a big deal.

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On Women Laughing Alone With Salad

If stop by for lunch, I'll be happy to pose for a a shot of "woman laughing as she measures out one tablespoon of Newman's Own Light Caesar Dressing for salad of romaine, five olives, five croutons, one tablespoon of fresh Parmesan cheese for approximately 150-175 calories" in this series.

You'll totally be able to capture a laugh through all the tears.

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On Shaving Things That Shouldn't Be Shaved

Or the time in middle school you kept washing your face and you still couldn't get the dirt off the outside of upper lip and then you realized that faint dark spot wasn't dirt, but darker hair so you shaved it even though your mother told you just to leave it alone?

Yeah. That. Until you started tweezing it off because your hippie mom didn't wax anything so you had no idea there were alternatives.

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On Choo Choo! People Are Having Sex on the Subway

Hard to believe people still live out their Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay fantasies nearly 30 years later.

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