I smell burnt toast

I smell burnt toast

My friends once all unanimously agreed that I would be sorted into Hufflepuff, and when I tried to cautiously argue that I understood where they were coming from but I'd much rather be a Ravenclaw, they said that that made me even more of a Hufflepuff. Somehow I am still friends with these people??!

On The Hummuses of Brooklyn

@noReally I did not know until this moment that I wanted my hummus to be ethereal.

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@rayray Oh my gosh! That must have been so splendid! I vow that one day I will live in a place where I recognize the baker/butcher by sight.

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On Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

Perfect breakfast! I love the butcher! I just reread the comments on the 'Hey Girl' video linked to in this article and a few people commented on how they basically live in Belle's village, and I want to know WHERE and HOW so I can live there, because of BREAD.

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On You Can Still Count Resolutions If You Start Them Today

@wee_ramekin AH! I just read Shadowfell. It's YA and the kind of book I would have loved dearly if I were fourteen, but even now appeals to my secret love of fantasy romantic fiction with female protagonists that don't understand their fey elven powers and love interests who wear cloaks, and that I only talk about on the internet.

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On You Can Still Count Resolutions If You Start Them Today

@wee_ramekin Daughter of the Forest! Yes! Swans and Ireland and witches and brothers! I can also talk about this book all day.

Also, to Fruminous Bandersnatch.. something that I have incorporated into my life to increase my productivity when I am alone is knitting. I can knit and watch tv at the same time, and I can therefore somewhat justify tv-watching, as I am at the same time creating something. Like socks.

Also, going to the movies by oneself is the way to do it.

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On A Christmas Story

Ahhh, the oblivious pastor! People like him in stories are the scariest part.

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On The 13 Dwarves of "The Hobbit," Force-Ranked for Hotness

@yunkstahn I have seen North and South twice and could not tell you the plot of it except the scenes that Richard Armitage is in.

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On Scrollus Interruptus

@leon s Bob Loblaw's Law Blog

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On "The Author in Fancy Dress as a Side of Bacon"

Not a word of a lie, I am going as bacon this year. I will not be 1% as fancy dress as the first dude though.

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On Q&A With a Nutritionist, Part Two: The Reckoning

@Ellie Actually, when you put it like that it is kind of similar to my own thoughts about food consumption. What I want is to eat cookies for every meal but I also want to feel good the way that eating wholesome food makes me feel. I guess what I seized upon was this idea of keeping oneself slightly below what feels like a normal weight, and consuming food with this intention.

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