I smell burnt toast

I smell burnt toast

My friends once all unanimously agreed that I would be sorted into Hufflepuff, and when I tried to cautiously argue that I understood where they were coming from but I'd much rather be a Ravenclaw, they said that that made me even more of a Hufflepuff. Somehow I am still friends with these people??!

By brista128 on The Insecurity Pie

The Lady Cup is awesome. Ever since getting one, my insecurity pie is pretty much just a tartlet of passing concern.

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By Judith Slutler on 500 Days Alone In: The World

@annev6 Actually if I were a writer, I'd totally pitch a "Weird Hobbies" interview series for this site. Someone steal this idea.

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By iceberg on Sorry About That!

@professionalmess "Portfolios are Cheerio-heavy this quarter"

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By lucy snowe on "How I Stopped Eating Food"

If I had to live off a single super-nutritious substance, I think I'd rather eat something like lembas bread. Life without bread is no life at all.

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By EpWs on "How I Stopped Eating Food"

(I couldn't find one of tea, but googled "Dowager Countess throwing shade" and this popped up.)

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By Decca on "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@MaxBraverman What a fun, sexy time for you.

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By sophia_h on Unless It's Chris Brown

@anachronistique My friend's mom is thanked in the liner notes of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors." He has never had the courage to ask her why.

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By teaandcakeordeath on The World Has Spoken


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By Blackwatch Plaid on What Your Bag Says About You


Pocket sand!

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By Apocalypstick on "...I was trying to move these huge, big luggages all by myself..."

@Cawendaw Pshaw, spelling is for fancypants scribes who can read without moving their lips.

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