On The "I Dare You" Chickpea-Peanut-Butter-and-Honey-Dark-Chocolate-Chip Cookies

I made these tonight and they were sooooo easy and really really really good -- I love the chickpea-y, peanutty combo so much that I wouldn't mind leaving out the chocolate entirely next time. Thank you!!

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On The Spinach-Dill-Walnut-Onion Frittata

Ooh, this is basically Iranian kuku! (Barberries are totally amazing and worth the trouble to find.)


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On My Foreign Mom

Apart from the cheeseburger story, at which point I actually had to stop reading for an hour to calm down, the part that slayed me was this:

"We’re not a demonstrative family, and such maudlin, psycho behavior is fair grounds for riotous derision. I love my mom and it’s a secret. I love her so much it kills me, and you bet I’d sooner die than tell her."

Add to this the fact that there is no good way to say "I love you" in Farsi -- it's either "I like you" just like you'd say "I like this ice cream/dress/whatever" or you amp up to vaguely poetic words about passion and desire. :(

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@cherrispryte Definitely the first -- it suction-cups around your cervix and keeps the, uh, stuff coming out of there in it until you break the seal to empty it.

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@yunkstahn I've only ever dropped it in the toilet at home, but I always just tell myself that it was about time I boiled it, anyway.

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On An Ode to the Diva Cup

@karenb Ditto what @anachronistique said. My gyno said it wouldn't be a problem in terms of effectiveness, and in practice it was never a problem with one getting in the other's way, either.

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On Scott Lenhardt and the Twenty Four Hour Woman

I saw one of these in the cookie display at Saltie just yesterday and was planning on going back to ask about it -- now I know what it is!

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On New Fairy Tales

@lookimadeahat Ahhhhh looking it up now! Narnia crossed with Neil Gaiman is everything I like! And I know what you mean about it being upsetting but brilliant.

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On New Fairy Tales

Neil Gaiman's "Snow, Glass, Apples" is another creepy and awful version of the story, told from the Queen's point of view:


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On Those Little Notes

My boyfriend will be away til Sunday and I left a note for him on the cover of the last book in the stack he's taking. Then I got to work, saw this, and sent it to him for the extra surprise when he finds the note eventually!

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