On "A sense of entitlement in women was associated with stronger endorsement of benevolent sexism"

Does it count as "benevolent sexism" if I fully expect the man to do all Bug Killing Duties?

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On Other Rolling Stone Covers

@Anne Helen Petersen
But do you remember how absolutely scandalous that Britney cover was when it came out? She was under 18 at the time, and this was before she was writhing on stage with a snake.

It's blase now, but back then it was OMG CHILD PORN!

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On Last Night's 'Downton'

From what my mom said, there were treatments for septicemia that could have saved her life, but once she started having seizures, then there was nothing the doctors could do, at least at that time.

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On Last Night's 'Downton'

I watched that episode with my mom, who's been an RN since the 60s and did childbirth education for years.

My mom flat out said, right when it was mentioned, that if she starts to seize that she was dead. There was absolutely nothing they could do back then and they knew it. They couldn't treat it without antibiotics which wouldn't show up for a couple of decades. Even now, if it gets that bad, it is very dangerous and possibly fatal.

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

@Tragically Ludicrous
There's nothing better than spoiling a dog who is a complete sweetheart! Sweet dogs that come from questionable backgrounds always seem sooo appreciative for spoiling. "For me? Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

@stalkingcat Here's a picture of Bailey doing her best to beg for food: http://i.imgur.com/WQvnb.jpg

And here's Bailey last christmas: http://i.imgur.com/3GkkR.jpg

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On Enjoy the Range of Dog-Based Emotions

My first dog was a puppy I got from the pound 2 years ago but died after about 6 months (very sad story, but at least I gave him a great home for a while.)

Anyway, I had been a cat person before I got Cooper, and the fact that I had rearranged my life around this dog made his absence even worse. So I insisted on getting another dog right away. Two weeks later I was at the local beagle rescue getting this quiet, laid back, very shy beagle, who was originally named Bon Bon (blech!) and I quickly renamed Bailey.

For the first week I cried whenever I took her for a walk. "You're not my dog! You're not Cooper!" I basically ignored her and let her sleep on the couch. She ignored me back and didn't give any love at all. So on Thursday, I took her over to a friends for doggy sitting (since that was my late day). I went to work and had to admit that it wasn't working out and that I was going to give her back to the rescue. I wasn't going to ask for any money back; I was going to consider it a donation and a lesson learned. Then my friend who was watching Bailey texted me: "Come over here now. Your dog is howling for you." So I went over to his house, and lo and behold Bailey was *ecstatic* to see me. That's when I realized that while I hadn't bonded with her, she had completely bonded with me. I realized I couldn't give her back, thus I had to work it out.

That was a year and a half ago. She has turned out to be the best, most awesomest dog ever (IMHO). She's still quiet and shy around other people, but she lurves me and I love her back. Now? She sleeps on the foot of my bed and snores like a grown-ass man.

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On The Golden Age of Something

$3000 in 1954 dollars converted to 2012 is $25,000!!!

And I looked up the average code of a new home in 1954 ... $10,250! He was holding a good chunk of a house in his hands.

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On Obama, No. 44

Am I the only one mad at the parents for not CALLING THE NUMBER! Your son in the military has called you asking you to do ONE THING and you send an email instead?

"I'm going to go to the church to pray for him, but I won't actually call the number he gave because it's late." GRRRRRRRR!

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On Two Questions About Dogs: One Nice, One Less So


I'm so sorry to have to say this, but... PUPPIES DIE! I got a puppy from the shelter (corgi/basset/doxie mix) and I had 6 months of cuddles as well as 6 months of carpet cleaning and shoe replacing and potty training. But Cooper developed a really bad seizure disorder which quickly killed him. I fully thought I was going to have him for well over 10 years (since I'm 30something, I was kinda freaking out that I would have him still at 50) but it was not meant to be.

My next dog I got from a breed rescue. Breed rescues are awesome! They know all the stereotypes about their dogs, but since most of them foster, they know which ones actually fit your lifestyle. I went to a beagle breed rescue after Cooper died (because I couldn't face another dog without knowing medical history, honestly). I live in an apartment, but I figured there would have to be a beagle out there who was chill and lazy, and I found one! She was 5 (which meant she was cheaper hehehe) and she's currently sleeping on my poang chair. Most beagles are insanely scent driven and howl like crazy, but she's very chill and is in heaven lazing around my place. And I've had her over a year and she's still alive! Big plus in my book.

So yeah, puppies are no guarantee of a long life. And breed rescues are awesome, if you are honest and sincere about what you are looking for.

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