On "Might As Well Call the Whole Documentary 'Boring'"

Holy shit this is wonderful. I am so happy that you love WHY? ! I never meet people who do...

real talk, how hilarious is it when Yoni says he's never done drugs. YEAH SURE.

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On What Do We Have in Common With Michael Phelps?

10% seems kind of low for bongs

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On On Wearing Running Shoes (All the Time)

@permanentbitchface You're definitely my new favorite.

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On On Wearing Running Shoes (All the Time)

@oh! valencia yes! insoles in everything

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On On Wearing Running Shoes (All the Time)

I love dudes who wear running shoes casually but it's because I love runners. It's even better if they ran XC in high school.

I personally wear ballet flats every single day, but TOMS aggravate my stress fractures and hurt my hips. I am sad though, because I want to be cuter-than-cute cute girl and I do realize that TOMS are, like, the easiest way in.

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On Checking in With the Patriarchy

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood you're supposed to be JEALOUS.

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On Kids and Food

I liked the way my mother handled this. I was a SUPER picky eater, but she only let me eat foods that were healthy... and that was all that was in the house. If I refused to eat anything but wheat bread and chicken, I ate it, but it was homemade bread and she boiled the chicken herself. Eventually I grew up and started eating salsa but I think (unlike @parallel-lines upthread) I learned the perfect amount of how to prepare foods and what to eat in what balance.

Er, actually I didn't, but that's mostly because I developed an eating disorder for the years I transitioned from living with my mom to on my own, BUT. It was not her fault. Basically that's what I plan to do with my kids, and it doesn't seem humanly possible that I'll get one worse than I was.

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On Mascarapedia, Volume I

Oh my god sometimes her eyes are brown and sometimes they are green. WHAT IS GOING ON

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On Beach House's "Lazuli" Video

I like the video but am so distracted by how much I love her tunic. Anybody recognize it?

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On The Internet Date, Dissected

@alphabiddycity My first match.com date went well. So well, in fact, that four months later we are together and having our valentine's dinner tonight. BUT FUN STORY: We've only been dating 2 months, because I spent 2 months not interested.

So to offer an alternative answer, maybe delay the kiss some more and like, invite him over, but have plans to leave ("why don't you come by and pick me up on the way to the coffeeplace/bar/restaurant?"). then if it sucks you have an escape plan.

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