On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Home Décor

I live in France half the year and US rest of the time. When I first moved here I could have had a letter correspondence with Voltaire thanks to my perfect classical French, but could not negotiate my way around a supermarket or a salon. Some French words sound so similar I'll never tell them apart ... mice/eyebrows, horse/hair ... you can just imagine the alarmed looks I get.

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On The Best Time I Met Vincent D'Onofrio

Why on earth would I think I was the only one? Yeah girls. Since commencement of my addiction to Law and Order at advent of streaming Netflixs I've been practicing pronoucing "d'Onofrio" just in case I ran into him on the street.

And we're talking an LA NY entertainment lawyer here who turned down dates and never got a hot on for anyone in the biz. But when he walked into a scene on L&O wearing formal uniform I almost slipped off my chair. Who knew ... me ... 58 years old and I never suspected what else could push my buttons. I brought up the possiblity of uniforms in bedroom with husband who thought it was hilarious and went back to his science. Ahhh ... imagination is a lovely thing.

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