On What's the Best Time Your Family Has Ever Trolled You?: The Answers

This reminded me of how when I was little my mom told me I had to eat my sandwich crusts "because that is where the bread nutrients are." It took be embarrassing number of years to realize how nonsensical that was.

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On Totally Real and Not Made Up Excerpts From Kim Gordon's Forthcoming Memoir

So what is the overall take, must read? Or a fun quick read?

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On Lagusta Yearwood, The Punk Chocolatier

I was in New Paltz while driving to Montreal and went in a chocolate shop, but it wasn't this one and now I have much regret! I really loved New Paltz in general. Seemed exactly like a place that would have a chocolate shop like this.

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On Unofficial Official Hairpin 3.0 Book Club: The Pillow Book

I have not read this book, but reading these small excerpts make me want to read it desperately. I love when simple things just zap you. Things that seem obvious, but somehow haven't occurred to anyone to note or write down in such a direct way.

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@tofuswalkman I thought the Sopranos was a snore and could not get through it. I think watching it in my TV mind of 2014, I have already seen Tony's character, so instead of ground breaking it feels tired.

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On Remain Calm. Form An Orderly Line.

Only sad that this debut'ed after I finishing the idiotic marketing course I took last semester. Just imaging the presentation my group could have done for this.

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On Recent Interactions With New Yorkers, Ranked

@tofuswalkman oh yeah, I probably would I said something I would regret if someone had said that to me, but I appreciated that Haley was honest.

#1! So adorable, I love it.

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On Purity Ring, "push pull"

Can I share new tunes here? I friend just recommended Hundred Waters - The Moon Rang Like a Bell to me as an excellent winter album and it is quite good, especially if you want something moody to swim in.

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On Never Too Much

So many thoughts after reading this that I am having trouble putting into words. I hope Meredith finds some small comfort in her wonderful written voice, and thank her for sharing this.

"The first time in my life that people have paid attention to what I have to say and it's threatening to take my voice away for good."

That is going to stick with me for quite a while.

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On What Makes Us Feel Better When We're Sad?

Just last week I fell into a sad cycle. Once it sets in I usually put on something moody, often Waxahatchee, and sit, alone, trying to adsorb even more saddness. It ended on Friday when I failed as cheering myself up with my favorite happy hour, as we got turned away since it was jammed packed and we walked back home in the freezing wind. I laid on the sofa and just sobbed. And then it slowly sheds off. I eat dinner, and drink a cocktail my boyfriend made. Watch You've Got Mail on Netflix. When sadness comes in appropriate cycles I find in restorative. It it such a great feeling when you can tell it has slipped off your shoulders.

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