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On Weekend Round Up / Open Thread

Just want to say I have been enjoying the site and looking forward to many more weeks!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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On Notes From A Future Shitbag Mother

If it makes you feel any better, I am a child who seems to have climbed out of the hole of hating my mother. She is deeply flawed, or I should say scarred by childhood abuse and on going mental health issues. She was absent for much of youth - traveling extensively for work and working very late when she was 'home.' I grew up with my dad, and for a long time held this over her and closed her out. She is trying now - to be there. And I am slowly letting her in. So I guess to say, even if you make mistakes as a mother, there is time. And if you are willing to fix them later - it can work.

I also find that this childhood has completely steered me. I was at one point very competitive, but now my biggest career goal is "don't work overtime." I am obsessed with the idea that if I have a kid, I will watch him or her grow up. But deep down I know it was the detachment - not the absence. My mom had no effort left for mothering. The travel was incidental.

I have to have faith that I will learn from this, and trying my best to raise a child will be something good.

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On No Excuses: Responding To One-Handed Reviews

@beetnemesis You cannot remove your personal choices and actions and personify them into the internet. Certainly the internet did not reach a spindly hand out of the computer screen, and push your head so that you could not look away, as it navigated towards stolen photos? Hiding your actions under the actions of a group is extremely dangerous for us all. No one is above personal responsibility. It is a commentary on YOURSELF. You do not feel that these people have a right to privacy. You think if someone else did the stealing, you are absolved of guilt for partaking in the spoils. THIS is fucked up, you are a part of it.

You are saying your personal needs for sexual curiosity outweigh a woman's right to privacy. There is no. other. way. to look at this.

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On Please Welcome Jazmine Hughes, The Hairpin's New Contributing Editor

You seem wonderful, I am so excited.

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

I love the idea of focusing on petty enthusiasms, looking forward to seeing how the Hairpin develops over the next few months. Welcome!

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On Anger Problems and The Trivia Superteam

@jennaskies Yeah, obviously there was probably a lot else contributing to the vibe of that conversation, but I think I would find if pretty rude if, after mentioned I loved a particular artist someone replied with "there is nothing more boring to me." Seems like people can disagree without phrasing it like you think the other person is stupid for liking something, which is how that reads to me.

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On In Sickness and in Health, But Mostly in Sickness

This was really beautiful. I spent three days with my brother while he was in the hospital after his resection. We watched Bring it On and a lot of My Cat From Hell, in some kind of comedy tragic hang out session that will always stick with me.

Thanks for sharing.

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On Villa Tunari

Dusting off the ol' user name to say your writing is a treat.

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On Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

@likethestore YUP. I came across Jezebel in 2007, I didn't really realize it had only just started then. Can't say exactly when I stopped reading, but I haven't looked over there in ages.

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