On Recent Interactions With New Yorkers, Ranked

@tofuswalkman oh yeah, I probably would I said something I would regret if someone had said that to me, but I appreciated that Haley was honest.

#1! So adorable, I love it.

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On Purity Ring, "push pull"

Can I share new tunes here? I friend just recommended Hundred Waters - The Moon Rang Like a Bell to me as an excellent winter album and it is quite good, especially if you want something moody to swim in.

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On Never Too Much

So many thoughts after reading this that I am having trouble putting into words. I hope Meredith finds some small comfort in her wonderful written voice, and thank her for sharing this.

"The first time in my life that people have paid attention to what I have to say and it's threatening to take my voice away for good."

That is going to stick with me for quite a while.

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On What Makes Us Feel Better When We're Sad?

Just last week I fell into a sad cycle. Once it sets in I usually put on something moody, often Waxahatchee, and sit, alone, trying to adsorb even more saddness. It ended on Friday when I failed as cheering myself up with my favorite happy hour, as we got turned away since it was jammed packed and we walked back home in the freezing wind. I laid on the sofa and just sobbed. And then it slowly sheds off. I eat dinner, and drink a cocktail my boyfriend made. Watch You've Got Mail on Netflix. When sadness comes in appropriate cycles I find in restorative. It it such a great feeling when you can tell it has slipped off your shoulders.

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On Some Things I Cannot Unhear

wow so good

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DC is pretty diverse and we have a lot of green space and free arts and educational events! Not sure you could beat Queens in terms of the different populations all mixed together though. DC is still generally segregated into pockets - east vs west in the city, and then some of the communities 5-45 minutes outside of the city.

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On Assimilation #2

I loved this, thank you.

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On Weekend Round Up / Open Thread

Just want to say I have been enjoying the site and looking forward to many more weeks!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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On Notes From A Future Shitbag Mother

If it makes you feel any better, I am a child who seems to have climbed out of the hole of hating my mother. She is deeply flawed, or I should say scarred by childhood abuse and on going mental health issues. She was absent for much of youth - traveling extensively for work and working very late when she was 'home.' I grew up with my dad, and for a long time held this over her and closed her out. She is trying now - to be there. And I am slowly letting her in. So I guess to say, even if you make mistakes as a mother, there is time. And if you are willing to fix them later - it can work.

I also find that this childhood has completely steered me. I was at one point very competitive, but now my biggest career goal is "don't work overtime." I am obsessed with the idea that if I have a kid, I will watch him or her grow up. But deep down I know it was the detachment - not the absence. My mom had no effort left for mothering. The travel was incidental.

I have to have faith that I will learn from this, and trying my best to raise a child will be something good.

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