On I Can't Wear Heels

@districter oh god I never thought to be afraid of not being able to find shoes any longer if I had a kid O_O

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On I Can't Wear Heels

I have size 11 feet, and anything that places extra pressure onto the front of my wide foot, is just - not even worth it. I can't even find flat shoes that fit my feet most of the time. So team no heels!!

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

@Betsy Murgatroyd I have not watched SLC Punk, since about 7th grade - so remember nothing. But I worked with a student who grew up in Utah, and seems like a lot of the things you describe ring true. There is a video store in his town that rents movies edited to be PG! He would tell me about going to friends for a movie night and being utterly confused when scenes of movies were missing.

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On It's Jaya!

Once upon a time I left a comment on the Toast about how Jaya should be on the Hairpin team and now my COMMENTS HAVE BECOME REALITY. I will miss Jazmine (of course) but this certainly softens the blow.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

@districter Feel strange getting this detailed, but if it helps other women - forward ho! I was definitely D.R.Y. It wasn't always like that, definitely a slow wind-down over the years, but the last year I was on it, my vagina wouldn't turn on for anything and my skin was in general very brittle. Sex was uncomfortable to painful. I tried going to the doctor multiple times, but I didn't get anywhere. Being off the pill hasn't entirely solved some of my irritation issues, so it is just a miserable thing I deal with(if anyone had ideas on that I welcome them), but I am able to get aroused again. Which is a lot more fun!

I also really notice a cycle of horniness (seems like a crude word but???). I really have enjoyed letting my body speak for itself instead of trying to force myself to get into things. But luckily I do not have any major medical issues that make my periods awful, difficult, or dangerous.

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On Hysteria and Teenage Girls

@beetnemesis I will counter that you are incorrect that "guys just...don't do that" Men will actually RIOT after the result of a sporting event. Men exhibit the exact same behavior, but it is seem as an acceptable portion of sports fandom whereas the major female equivalent is named "hysteria" or otherwise seen as a curiosity.

There are difference sure, men do not usually connect such strong feelings to an individual athlete. But I am sure there are many men who wold cry after the result of a game they have no actual stake in other than being a 'fan.' Yelling, throwing items, destroying property, obsessively following specific teams online, paying additional money to have extra access to watch said teams or to read insider information, collecting items a specific player touched (and paying huge amounts of money for it, just like the cup) - all regularly found male behavior.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

I started the pill when I was 16, and I had been underweight and not getting my period for about 8 months before that. I stayed on it for 6 years, and then stopped for a number of reasons, one being a similar what the heck is my body even like?!. I was pleasantly surprised that my periods are pretty tame and regular off the pill. I get some cramps now, but very manageable. Didn't have too many physical changes, just slightly zittier right before my period. Oh and my sex life is WAY better. I didn't have any idea what I was missing. It was like all my arousal abilities were super dulled while on the pill.

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On Saving While You're Spending: Self-Care with Meredith Graves

I am someone who is privileged in many way about my appearance, but used to have an eating disorder, and although healthy now, continue to hate my appearance 99% of the time - yet my first reaction was to be annoyed with Meredith's feeling of non-beauty. Shouldn't I understand this feeling of self loathing against all fact? It just shows how strange and fucked our minds get. To me Meredith is someone who seems so beautiful, so cool, so talented, I guess her insecurity pummels my own into the ground. (If she isn't good enough, what am I?) But shouldn't I find strength in the universality of it? A foe women are up against together. Why do I keep comparing myself to anyone and everyone? Trying to find my worth in comparisons and outside myself. It is all so wrong.

Thanks again for another great entry.

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Just sent this to my boyfriend as important reference for his fantasy draft

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On What's the Best Time Your Family Has Ever Trolled You?: The Answers

This reminded me of how when I was little my mom told me I had to eat my sandwich crusts "because that is where the bread nutrients are." It took be embarrassing number of years to realize how nonsensical that was.

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