On A Conversation with Philomena Lee

(intro paragraph is kinda spoilery if you haven't seen the movie?)
Great interview though, thanks

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On Marge Simpson in Real Life


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On The Third Level Is Here

Guys, it's ANN SUMMERS. Not 'Anne Summer'. Named after the (male) founder's secretary.

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On Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With the Fug Girls

@The Lady of Shalott It's so true. GFY is one of very few websites I visit almost daily. I love seeing celebs in DRESSES and doing stupid shit but 99% of sites containing those things are just filled with 'comments' (either above or below the line) that I just don't want in my life. Heather and Jessica are doing us a great service!

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On The Acceptance Pie

Having VPL at the (office) gym. Decided to not care about that several years ago. I have, however, finished Infinite Jest :)

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On The Middle Part Is Having Its Moment, Again, Somehow

So I spent most of the time reading this wondering what part of the song the 'middle part' was. Like the middle eight?
Fellow British people: they are talking about centre partings. In hair. I also use Rene Furterer and Davines products! So I know what I'm talking about, obviously!

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On Alex Winston, "101 Vultures"

the Ladyhawke remix of Sister Wife is <3 <3

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On Hey, Girl. Hey, Yogurt Face.

these are great and this one looks like Vince Noir

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On Annie, "Back Together"

it's not a "throwback to music video countdown shows", it's THE Chart Show! The one and only!

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On "She Was Dumb Like a Fox, Like Marilyn Monroe"

Cannot read the phrase 'dumb like a fox' without following it up with 'fox, fox; thighs like what, what, what'

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