On View From the Top: Lindsay Lohan in Speed-the-Plow

"the edge is fifteen rows in front of me, but in the dark, it feels like my chair is parallel to the ground."
what? what the hell kind of chair is it, then?!

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On The Worst Thing That Can Happen to You In the Summer

this happened to meeeee when I was on a tour in Hawaii :(

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On This Is The Day Before 40

Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving. There!

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On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

I can't believe so many people can't get over this! Great choice, and great name, although now I'm thinking end user licence agreement...

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On The Cider Report

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On The Cider Report

@jester_bean I actually don't mind Strongbow at a push, and you can get it fairly easily (usually in shops). Whole Foods sold Sam Smiths and a bunch of 'fancy' not-proper ciders (that were actually OK) like the Crispins someone has mentioned. But God, the first time I came home and went to Asda and there was a whole AISLE of proper cider... amazing

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On The Cider Report

OK. No. I say this as a Westcountry girl (where cider is from. Cider is not an appley soft drink, Americans!). You cannot have a serious report about cider that begins with Magners. Or, in fact, any of this nonsense!
It'd be like if I did a report about hamburgers and they were all tofu burgers from not-America.
Best PROPER cider I could find in the US was Samuel Smiths. Get some Weston's Organic, or better, some scrumpy. The rougher the better - it should be opaque orange-brown in colour. And no serving with ice, come on, that's not cider, that's an apple-flavour alcopop.

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On Florida Woman On That Heroic and Relentless Rotisserie Chicken Tip

DM;MU (Daily Mail; Made Up)

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On A Conversation with Philomena Lee

(intro paragraph is kinda spoilery if you haven't seen the movie?)
Great interview though, thanks

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On Marge Simpson in Real Life


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