On The Worst Thing That Can Happen to You In the Summer

this happened to meeeee when I was on a tour in Hawaii :(

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On This Is The Day Before 40

Rhythm Has Your Two Hips Moving. There!

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On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

I can't believe so many people can't get over this! Great choice, and great name, although now I'm thinking end user licence agreement...

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On The Cider Report

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On The Cider Report

@jester_bean I actually don't mind Strongbow at a push, and you can get it fairly easily (usually in shops). Whole Foods sold Sam Smiths and a bunch of 'fancy' not-proper ciders (that were actually OK) like the Crispins someone has mentioned. But God, the first time I came home and went to Asda and there was a whole AISLE of proper cider... amazing

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On The Cider Report

OK. No. I say this as a Westcountry girl (where cider is from. Cider is not an appley soft drink, Americans!). You cannot have a serious report about cider that begins with Magners. Or, in fact, any of this nonsense!
It'd be like if I did a report about hamburgers and they were all tofu burgers from not-America.
Best PROPER cider I could find in the US was Samuel Smiths. Get some Weston's Organic, or better, some scrumpy. The rougher the better - it should be opaque orange-brown in colour. And no serving with ice, come on, that's not cider, that's an apple-flavour alcopop.

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On Florida Woman On That Heroic and Relentless Rotisserie Chicken Tip

DM;MU (Daily Mail; Made Up)

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On A Conversation with Philomena Lee

(intro paragraph is kinda spoilery if you haven't seen the movie?)
Great interview though, thanks

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On Marge Simpson in Real Life


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On The Third Level Is Here

Guys, it's ANN SUMMERS. Not 'Anne Summer'. Named after the (male) founder's secretary.

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