On FOUND: The Best Sheets

@likethestore I have those! I got them pretty cheap at HomeGoods. They are wonderfully smooth. My only complaint is that I think the color changed a little bit the first time I washed them, and supposedly you can only wash them on cold.

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On For Our Periods, An App For That (That Being Our Periods)

I use Period Tracker, and it's been really useful! I was trying to track my periods on paper and always forgot to log them or where I'd written it down. I also thought that my period varied between being days early and really late, when I really just have a mostly regular cycle that's shorter than I thought. The symptom tracker is also useful--it's help me figure out that I get acne in the middle of my cycle, not pre-period. (Thanks, body.) You can also track your moods and lots of other physical symptoms. It's the only one I've used, so I can't compare it to anything, but I like it.

(Though Olivia 2.0, that sounds awful, and it is really bizarre that they have no way of fixing that.)

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On Never Have I Ever Written a Book (Until Now): A Conversation With Katie Heaney

KATIE HEANEY!!! Is why there have been fewer Reading Between the Texts installments? Will they come back once I read this book? (Because I'm definitely going to!)

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On How to Enjoy the Airport This Holiday Travel Season

You are awesome and I also love time in airports. The last time I was in an airport, it was a layover in Lisbon while moving home from Europe. I had slept approximately 1 hour the night, which entitled me to some weird Portuguese chocolate milk and pastries, and ended up having a long talk with a guy who'd spent half his life in Canada. The setting (I've never been anywhere in Portugal but the airport) and my exhaustion made for a surreal experience.

Also, I only allow myself to buy fashion/beauty magazines when I fly somewhere, so I always look forward to my little indulgence.

(However, Charles de Gaulle Airport is my eternal nemesis. I'd almost rather walk to/from France than have to enter it.)

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On The Returned Is the Best Show on Television

@LilRedCorvette I knowww. I keep thinking that Top of the Lake is it, since the images they use are really similar, and then sadly realizing it isn't.

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On The Returned Is the Best Show on Television

THIS SHOW! I watched the first episode pirated online a few months ago and then stopped because none of my dumb friends would watch the rest with me. Thinking of the scene when the twins first see each other still gives me goosebumps.

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On Erica Gets An IV

@muddgirl When I worked at a medical practice, one of the Medical Assistants (who is also one of my Dream Second Moms) told me that at a previous job, the other MAs got jealous of her vein-finding abilities and hid difficult patients from her.

Luckily, I inherited my mom's super-easy veins, but I've still had some negligent lab techs hit a nerve or bruise me.

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On The Acceptance Pie

@daisicles High five, my bigfooted sister. You probably know this, but Nordstrom carries some nice shoes in a 12! I almost got a pair of taupe ankle boots at Nordstrom Rack this fall before realizing that the pair that fit me well wasn't real suede.

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On Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

@j-i-a Thank you for clarifying! I agree somewhat, and I try to reserve my judgment for the retailers, not the shoppers, though that's sometimes hard. For me, most of the class issues I see that counter my viewpoint are that Black Friday might be some people's rare family day off to shop before Christmas, and that some people might not have the education/information access to distrust the ads. (Though then that gets perilously close to thinking that lower-class people are in a lower class of intellect...) Like a lot of class/consumerism issues, it's thorny and complicated.

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On Did We Buy Any Cool Stuff This Weekend?

@or Elsa! Yeah, I don't see how being against Black Friday is being insensitive to poor people.

Most of the better-off people I know who are against Black Friday feel that way partly from concern for people who don't have the luxury of opting out of an opportunity to make money and thus are essentially forced to work during a holiday. I'm guessing most of the people who think it's an opportunity for the poors to buy stuff they really need cheap aren't getting up at 3AM the day after Thanksgiving to go work amid rabid crowds. I used to be mostly indifferent to Black Friday until I noticed how it crept earlier every year and finally into Thanksgiving.

Also, most things are not cheaper on Black Friday! There were approximately a million stories last week about how while maybe a few loss-leaders were good deals, nothing else is much cheaper than in surrounding weeks. Black Friday is not some altruistic holiday designed by retailers to provide cheap gifts to the poor.

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