On First Phone Photos: A Time Capsule

I think I recognize that ski area! Is that Suicide 6 in Pomfret VT?

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On How to Know If You're Having the Same Wedding as Everyone Else on Pinterest

@anachronistique Air plants are actually kind of rad if you're like me and love plants but can't manage to keep them alive. They don't need a pot or soil and all you have to do is soak them in a bowl of water once or twice a month, then like put them back on your bookshelf of wherever.

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On How to Know If You're Having the Same Wedding as Everyone Else on Pinterest

Timely! The one friend I have who's getting married just now posted a bunch of bouquets with air plants to Pintrest.

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On Lingerers, Admirers, and Silent Girl

About the Victoria's Secret gift certificate. Did anyone else hear the Savage Lovecast a couple weeks ago where Dan advised a guy with an underwear stealing problem that he could continue to take undies from guys he slept with as long as he figured out a way to slip them anonymous gift certificates in the amount of $30 or so? Maybe you should inventory your intimates drawer.

Google "Savage Love Episode 282" to find the show.

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On The Comment Section for Every Article Ever Written About PETA

I've been seeing a new one lately that's got this like breathless goddess-speak quality to it along the lines of, "the earth, the soil, it needs the sacrifice of blood and bones to nurture plants, so [rube goldberg justification for cheeseburgers]"

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On "Baby shower help for non-broody Brit"

I read this article in Slate ("I'm French, Chew on Me") about french teething toy Sophie the Giraffe: http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/number_1/2011/03/im_french_chew_on_me.html

It left me pretty convinced that Sophie should be my go-to purchase for all future baby showers.

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On MLK: Always Saying the Best Stuff

@bowerbird I just can't stand any implication that society needs religions moral framework or everything will go to shit. I feel like this statistic demonstrates that nicely. If we needed religion to be good people, wouldn't you expect atheists to be over-represented rather than under-represented.

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On MLK: Always Saying the Best Stuff

.2% of the US prison population are atheist. Just saying.

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On Look Up, Look Down

We had a pantsless subway ride in San Francisco yesterday - and I was totally charmed and delighted. The pantsless riders were either so giddy that thisisactuallyHAPPENING or completely nonchalant, like the woman sitting next to me reading Dostoevsky in her skivvies.

It might be a slightly different experience in San Francisco, where desensitizing yourself to casual nudity is part of the price of admission.

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On Signs You'll Never Read in Your Office's Communal Kitchen

My boyfriend's workplace is bizarre for a number of reason, perhaps chief among them is that they actually need their passive-agressive-community-kitchen "No Live Crabs in the Toaster Oven, Please" sign.

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