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On Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

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so jealous. my workplace (despite being an educational/non profit) is super conservative. i went platinum blonde and the reactions from the bosses were basically "when will you not be having that immediately, yes?"

my dream of awesome haircuts let alone color is currently on hold.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Autumnal Cleaning Conundrums

I'm a cosplayer with more wigs than could possibly be stored on heads in a NYC apartment. The long wigs I just sort do a really loose twist and tuck it up under the cap, put it in the netting to prevent frizzing and then i usually wrap it in plastic (bc i live in nyc and i fear vermin) and put them loosely in plastic bins under the bed. the curly ones.. i just let those "be" but i put each wig in some sort of plastic barrier. (i dont have real hair wigs bc theyre expensive and washing them scares me.)

as far as washing my synthetic wigs, i buy wig shampoo and follow the directions. unless im using hot water for styling purposes. depending on what theyre made of you can also use curling irons and sutff on loooww heat.

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On Grimes, "Genesis"

the cast of The Tribe (no? i was the only person who watched weird kiwi shows on cable?) goes to burning man?

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On No One Likes Umbrellas

@Susanna yup. it's pretty embarrassing.

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On No One Likes Umbrellas


EDIT: i rewatched her test.. she totes did in the ring. WTF?

and on another note: you get disqualified for using rollkur, or for applying capsacin or any other number of stupid, abusive and unsportmanlike behavior - you dont get banned from the sport. you just go home to abuse your horses in private before the next competition.

obv shit needs to change. like.. oh youre done with your test? lets look at your horses tongue before you leave the ring kind of change.

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On No One Likes Umbrellas

@Kinloch i saw the photo and I agree with you. However, I'm not a dressage rider. (jumper but i value equitation!) i have no idea how prevalent the tactic is, but it does seem strange that he would bust that out in front of the FEI when it is banned.

also the rider from the netherlands totally did it while entering the arena and still got a silver medal! whats up with that?!!! (i assume the judges couldnt see her but ya know.. the rest of us saw it) seems like a ban the FEI has no intention of enforcing.

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On No One Likes Umbrellas

@gobblegirl i can totally understand why he and tiffany were so frustrated. but from the POV of the FEI - if they're going to crack down on , well lets call it "induced" hypersensitivity they've got no real way of discerning that from sensitivity caused by general nicks and scrapes. not in a standard vet check.

do you know if there are plans to alter the testing in any way to differentiate?

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On No One Likes Umbrellas

not pulling on the face during a freak out. GOOD JOB, SIR!

speaking of.. does anyone want to talk about the rollkur accusations?

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On Make (Pleasant) Eye Contact

Putting in a "HUZZAH" for the honking at people on horseback comment. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THEY CAN DO THAT? How about I let my horse throw himself through your car?

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On The Finger-Wave Hair Tutorial

1. all the beauty purchases ive made lately are direct results of Janes video.

2. took me 3 days but i finally found those exact clips at Rickys (they were 3 bucks a pop)

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