Iggles McFearson

Iggles McFearson

Fan of Gertrude Stein, Simon and Garfunkel, brie cheese, and apricot ale. French degree, spent a year teaching in Toulouse which was awesome! I play the violin and I love bad puns. Aspiring French professor, but admin assistant at the moment because I wanted a break from school for a few years before I dedicate my life to it. I love coffee, walks, and listening. Oh, and the Hairpin!

On A Whole New Year

My boyfriend and I broke up on New Year's Eve. It was mutual-ish but it still hurts, and this year has begun with that sad, empty achey breakup feeling inside. The year can only get better from here, knock on wood, and I think my resolution this year will be to take care of myself and realize that my feelings have validity and are worth sharing in relationships. If I am choosing to sublimate what I want for a partner, it's not healthy and I need to speak up. Here's to self love in 2014!

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On The Gift of Small Predictions: January Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

Man, Libra is pertinent- I'm not a Libra but my boyfriend (well, ex-boyfriend) is, and we just broke up two days ago because he is a "servant of sadness" and can't get out of it, and he evidently doesn't want to drag me through his depression and neuroses. All the feels, Galactic Rabbit.

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On Dating Myself

@redheaded&crazie I am trying to have a Summer of Lust after being single for a year and half, but everyone is a douche! Alas!

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On The Songs of Pure Moods

@youresmalltime Unfortunately, it makes me think of Cartman from South Park!

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On The Songs of Pure Moods

I received Pure Moods as a birthday present in like the 5th grade. But evidently my mom didn't want to shell out the $whatever.99 (plus S&H, of course) for the cd, so I got Pure Moods ON TAPE!

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On Quiz: Are You Being Insane About Choosing Your Bridesmaids' Dresses?

@teenie Ohhh I have been looking for a little [not necessarily orange] trapeze dress, but it does not seem to exist without bell sleeves or a very long hemline! Sadness!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Postcard From Paris

When I was first learning French, that was a very useful phrase! Except that I spelled it "longtempsment"... It seemed to make sense!

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On High School Things

Dawson's Creek! I borrowed the entire series on DVD from a friend, and now it's a Sunday night ritual to get together with my two best friends and watch Dawson's Creek and drink wine, while complaining that Dawson is the biggest idiot and Pacey is amazing!

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On The Contraception "Debate"

@HeyThatsMyBike "I should still be able to control my fertility without it being a FEDERAL FUCKING CASE."

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On End This Terrible Relationship You're In, Please

@melis OH MY GOD THE THIRD TWIN. I read that book so many times!

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