oiseau de nuit

oiseau de nuit

desert dwelling human/part time park ranger who likes traveling to europe and asia and stuff

On Cold Case

Did you go to Prescott College? I hope so!
Once I was driving into Prescott and saw a highway patrolman in a jeep on the side of the road shooting a horse that appeared to already be dead. Minutes later I pulled into Prescott College and a guy outside was welding pieces of an old jeep into metal horse sculptures.
Being in Prescott is like being a character in Lorrie Moore's Anagrams - all the details are the same but they are constantly being rearranged into weirder (and sometimes more depressing) shit.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Home Décor

I bought a van off of Craigslist and it came with a crack pipe. I gave it back to the sketchy girl I was buying the van from and she nonchalantly threw the pipe in her purse. Later I found a bunch of NASCAR lighters with broken safetys in the backseat

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so relieved. i always thought smdh meant "suck my dick ho"

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